How to Testify

The Board of Commissioners welcomes public attendance and participation at its meetings. There are two categories of public testimony during Board meetings:

Testimony about Items on the Agenda

Anyone wishing to speak on an agenda item at a regular business meeting should feel free to do so. In doing so, the Board asks that the following guidelines be observed:

  • Please follow sign-in procedures located on the table by the entrance to the auditorium.
  • When your name is announced, please be seated at the table in front and state your name and address (optional) for the record.  If not stating address, please write it down for the record.
  • Groups or organizations wishing to make a presentation are asked to designate one spokesperson in the interest of time and to avoid repetition.
  • When more than one citizen is heard on any matter, please avoid repetition in your comments. Careful attention to the previous speaker's remarks will be helpful in this regard.

Ordinance Testimony Time Limits
Public testimony for ordinances may be presented within the following time limits:

  • First hearing - 3 minutes for individuals and 12 minutes for groups
  • Additional hearings - 2 minutes for individuals and 5 minutes for groups

Oral Communication from the Public*

There are two opportunities for oral communication with the Board: 

  • First Opportunity: At the start of the meeting, before Board adoption of the consent agenda. Members of the audience who have completed the sign-in procedure may step forward to address the Board. This opportunity is time-limited to two (2) minutes per individual and a maximum of 10 minutes total.
  • Second Opportunity: At the conclusion of all regular business.  This second opportunity is time-limited to five (5) minutes per individual and a maximum of 30 minutes total.  This period may include communications on agenda items for which no period for public testimony was provided.

Notwithstanding the above, the Presiding Officer may limit the time and number of persons appearing in the interest of facilitating the orderly business of the Board, unless a majority of the Board rules otherwise. 

* No comments are allowed on items on the agenda scheduled for a public hearing. 

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