Boards and Commissions Vacancy

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Sponsored by: Board of Commissioners

Per Board of Commissioners procedures, the County Administrative Office will solicit applications from individuals for a six-week period. Staff will keep the Commissioners apprised of applications received and of approaching deadlines.

As specified in the revised "Recruitment, Selection and Appointment Process," there will be an opportunity for the Board to discuss appointments at a worksession prior to scheduling any formal action.


Housing Authority Board of Directors –1 at-large position available after November 30, 2017

Description: The Housing Authority of Washington County is the legal entity that owns properties;and the Department of Housing Services is the County agency that operates the programs, works with developers and provides services to meet the housing needs of low-income people in Washington County. Facing ongoing reductions in federal housing support, the Housing Authority of Washington County and Department of Housing Services will continue to expand their entrepreneurial approach to funding low-income and affordable housing in Washington County. Partnerships are a key to the success of this work.

Member Description: The Housing Authority of Washington County Board of Directors is made up of the members of the Washington County Board of Commissioners plus two additional members: one member who is a resident assisted by the Housing Authority (Public Housing or Voucher program), and one At-Large position.

Term: Vacant term is due to expire December 31, 2019

Contact: Val Valfre, (503)846-4755 


The application deadline is December 5, 2017 or open until filled. Applications may be obtained by visiting the Boards and Commissions website.

Boards, committees and commissions advise the Board of Commissioners on matters of interest to people who live and work in Washington County. Committees themselves do not pass ordinances to establish policy; their purpose is to study issues and make recommendations.

Commission members are volunteers appointed by the County Board of Commissioners. In many cases, members must be residents of Washington County. Serving on an appointed board or commission is a great way for Washington County residents to participate in decisions that affect them and to learn more about how local government works.



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