Boards and Commissions Vacancies

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Sponsored by: Board of County Commissioners Department

Per Board of Commissioner procedures, nominations will be solicited for these committees for a six-week period or until the positions are filled. The County Administrative Office will solicit applications from qualified individuals. Staff will keep the Commissioners apprised of applications received and of approaching deadlines.  

As specified in the revised "Recruitment, Selection & Appointment Process," there will be an opportunity for the Board to discuss appointments at a worksession prior to scheduling any formal action.

Behavioral Health Council (BHC) – 5 vacancies (2 terms expiring 3/31/13, 3 current vacancies)                                  

Description: The Behavioral Health Council identifies community needs, recommends funding priorities, and helps select and evaluate service providers. The County's emphasis on contracting with community agencies for social services makes the work of this volunteer advisory council critical.
Members: 19  
Term:   3 years  
Staff Contact:  Dawn Andresen, HHS, (503) 846-4555 


Commission on Children and Families (CCF) – 1 vacancy (1 term expiring 3/31/13)

Description: The Commission's charge is to help every child reach their full potential and to support families and the community in achieving that goal. Working with many partners, the Commission looks at conditions in the community that affect children and families and recommends planned strategies and funding to improve those conditions.
Members:  Fifteen members who represent the geographic and cultural diversity of the county, and bring expertise and knowledge about the developmental states of children and adolescents, and issues facing children and families. At least eight of the members must be lay citizens who do not derive income from children & family services.
Term:  4 years
Staff Contact:  Diana Stotz, (503) 846-4732


Housing Advisory Committee (HAC) – 3 vacancies (3 terms expiring 3/31/13)

Description:  The committee assists the Board of Commissioners and the Department of Housing Services to provide affordable housing.
Members: Nine representatives from real estate, banking, building, agriculture, employment, public housing and neighborhoods help the Housing Services Department and the Board of Commissioners with this task. The Committee assists the Board of Commissioners by making recommendations on countywide housing policy issues as well as policies affecting operations of the County's four core housing programs.
Term:  3 years
Staff Contact:  Val Valfre, Director, (503) 846-4755


Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC) – 2 vacancies (2 terms expiring 3/31/13)

Description: The nine-member Solid Waste Advisory Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Commissioners on solid waste and recycling policy and program issues.
Members:  Six members representing the public plus three members representing the solid waste industry. A representative of the County Health Department serves as a non-voting committee member.
Term:  5 years
Staff Contact:  Theresa Koppang, (503) 846-3663


Urban Road Maintenance District Advisory Committee (URMDAC) – 5 vacancies (2 current vacancies for alternate positions and 3 terms expiring 12/31/2012)

Description: The Urban Road Maintenance District Advisory Committee (URMDAC) advises the board and staff on matters related to road maintenance provided by the URMD. This group reviews and makes recommendations regarding service levels and annual work programs, assists in evaluating the cost effectiveness and efficiency of URMD, and advises on continuation of URMD and/or other long-range funding opportunities for road maintenance. Members:   The URMDAC is comprised of eight (8) residents of the Urban Road Maintenance District appointed by the Board. Two (2) alternate members will also be appointed. This urban roads advisory committee will be similar in function to the longstanding Rural Roads Operations and Maintenance Advisory Committee (RROMAC). Eligible candidates will live in urban unincorporated Washington County (areas outside of cities such as Rock Creek, Cedar Mill, Bethany, Cedar Hills, Raleigh Hills, Garden Home, Metzger, Bull Mountain, Hazeldale, Aloha, and Reedville.)
Term:  3 years
Staff Contact:   Stacia Sheelar, (503) 846-7615


Enhanced Sheriff's Patrol District (ESPD) and Urban Roads Maintenance District (URMD) Budget Committees – 1 vacancy (1 current vacancy)

Description: Both Committees review the proposed budget developed for ESPD and URMD in unincorporated Washington County.
Members:  Board of Commissioners plus five residents of the County. The five residents must live in the ESPD or URMD.
Term:  3 years
Staff Contact:   Mary Gruss, Chief Finance Officer, (503) 846-8811


Metzger Park Advisory Board (MPAB) – 2 vacancies (2 current vacancies)

Description: Maintains a proud tradition of overseeing the only park in the County supported through a Local Improvement District. The Board plans and helps with park maintenance needs, deals with the administrative issues involved in running an active urban park. Members:   Nine members (seven regular and two alternates) who own property within the Metzger Park Local Improvement District. Term: 1 year (to keep term expirations in sync)
Staff Contact:  Todd Winter, Parks Manager, (503) 359-5732


Rural Roads Operations and Maintenance Advisory Committee (RROMAC) – 1 vacancy (1 current vacancy)

Description: RROMAC studies rural road operations and maintenance concerns in Washington County, works with County staff to develop program and funding alternatives and makes recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners. Members:  Ten members and two alternates who reside or have business interests in the county. The Board of Commissioners also appoints one of their members to be on the committee although they are not an official member. Members represent different groups that have an interest in rural roads.
Term:  4 years
Staff Contact:  Stacia Sheelar, (503) 846-7615


Citizen Noise Advisory Committee (CNAC) – 1 vacancy (1 current vacancy)

Description: CNAC is charged with monitoring the implementation of the current PDX noise plan, reviewing airport noise issues and providing advice on issue resolution and follow-up action, developing ideas and recommending proposals for consideration in future airport noise plans, and participating on advisory committees involved in long-range airport facilities and capital improvement planning. CNAC also enhances citizen understanding of airport noise management through the work of the Advisory Committee as a whole.
Members:  1 Washington County Representative
Term:  3 years  


Boards, committees and commissions advise the Board of Commissioners on matters of interest to the people who live and work in Washington County. Committees themselves do not pass ordinances or establish policy; their purpose is to study issues and make recommendations. Commission members are volunteers appointed by the County Board of Commissioners. In many cases, members must be residents of Washington County. Serving on an appointed board or commission is a great way for Washington County residents to participate in decisions that affect them and to learn more about how local government works. 


Media Contact:

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