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In April, 2021, a new user friendly Board of Commissiners portal was implemented. This new portal enables users to contact their commissioners, learn about meetings, attendance and recorded votes, search for documents, and more.

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Board Headlines

Washington County Commissioners to select House District 30 replacement - Release date: 01/24/2022

Washington County Commissioners will hold a virtual meeting on January 31 to select a replacement for the vacated Oregon House of Representatives District 30 seat.

Washington County Commissioners to select Senate District 15 replacement - Release date: 01/10/2022

Washington county commissioners will hold a virtual meeting on January 14 to select a replacement for the vacated State Senate District 15 seat.

Washington County Board of Commissioners formally adopt land acknowledgement statement - Release date: 01/04/2022

On Tuesday, January 4, 2022, the Board of Commissioners adopted a land acknowledgement recognizing Indigenous Peoples as the original stewards of the land now known as Washington County.
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Tualatin Valley Community Television, streaming video of Washington County Board meetings.

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1. Stream recent Board meetings with video from Tualatin Valley Community Television.

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Washington County, Oregon, Charter and Code.

County Charter & Code

The authority for the County government is derived from Oregon law and the County policies found in its Charter, code and resolutions.

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