Proclamation - Community Development Week 2017

Release date: 04/19/2017
Sponsored by: Board of Commissioners

The proclamation establishes April 17 – April 21, 2017 as National Community Development Week and is a way of providing recognition and appreciation of the Community Development Block Grant and HOME Investment Partnerships programs.

Since 1979, the Washington County Community Development Block Grant Program has provided the County with important and flexible assistance to meet the needs of its low and moderate-income residents through the funding of neighborhood revitalization, housing rehabilitation, public improvements, flood relief, and social services.

Since 1992, the HOME Investment Partnerships Program has provided the County with a critical resource to fill the gap needed to finance the development of affordable housing.  

National organizations such as the National Community Development Association and the National Association of Housing Rehabilitation Organizations coordinate the national effort. Participating members of the County's CDBG and HOME consortiums are making proclamations during this week. In addition, our non-profit housing and service provider partners are also making similar proclamations in support of these valuable programs.


Read the proclamation.


Media Contact:

Jennie Proctor, Community Development Program Manager
(503) 846-8814