Public Health Week 2013

Release date: 04/02/2013
Sponsored by: Board of Commissioners

Public Health Week - April 1-7, 2013

This year's national theme is "Public Health is ROI: Save Lives, Save Money." Public health ROI (return on investment) refers to avoided medical spending due to investments in prevention and early disease detection.  Public health ROI can also be measured in the number of diseases and injuries prevented, the number of lives saved and the amount of productivity gained due to investing in public health and prevention.  By adequately supporting public health and prevention we can transform a health system that is now focused on treating illness to one that is focused on preventing disease and promoting wellness.  

On April 4 at 11 AM in the PSB Auditorium, we will honor an individual and an organization that have made significant and sustaining contributions to public health in Washington County.


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