2021 December snow and ice storm update 1

Release date: 12/27/2021

Winter Weather

Most Washington County buildings will be closed Monday, December 27, due to snowy and icy conditions expected throughout the day.  

Buildings associated with the Washington County Circuit Court will be accessible to support court operations. The county’s P5 parking lot and much of the parking structure in downtown Hillsboro will remain open, but employees and the public are urged to be cautious while travelling from their vehicles to county buildings. Crews will attempt to remove ice and snow as much as possible, but patches of ice can still form as below-freezing temperatures are expected throughout the day. 

During this facilities closure, employees who can telecommute or who can perform tasks and trainings from home may begin work as normally scheduled. In keeping with the Washington County Inclement Weather Policy, employees should coordinate with their supervisors about adjustments to their work schedules as appropriate or about working remotely during this snow and ice event. Please monitor local news and weather for potential winter weather conditions expected throughout the week

“We appreciate the service of our colleagues who must work outdoors no matter what the weather brings to keep our roads safe, support those in congregate settings and perform other services that cannot be done remotely. Our intent is to keep the rest of the county workforce off the roads as much as possible given the dangers associated with travel that we expect all day,” said Assistant County Administrator Marni Kuyl.  

Employees and the public are asked to monitor the Washington County website or social media feeds to learn more about potential changes to hours of operation. Updates about road closures and snow removal from the county road system can be found at www.wc-roads.com

Media Contact:

Philip Bransford, Communications Officer