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Housing Advisory Committee


Providing affordable housing in Washington County is a formidable job. It is the mission of the Housing Advisory Committee (HAC) to advise the Housing Authority Board of Directors on housing goals policies, to review and recommend actions on the budgets of the Housing Authority, to advise regarding the community’s needs for low-income housing, and to recommend resources and programs available to address those needs.


Fifteen members representing various interest groups, to  include:
• Two (2) Members being assisted by the Housing Authority;
• One (1) Member involved in the Finance profession;
• One (1) Member representative of the Elderly;
• One (1) Member representative of Minority Groups;
• One (1) Member drawn from officials of Social Service organizations;
• One (1) Member drawn from either Design/Architectural/Engineer professions;
• One (1) Member drawn from Real Estate/Development/Construction;
• One (1) Member involved in Urban and Regional Planning;
• One (1) Member involved in Property Management;
• One (1) Member representing Veterans; and
• Four (4) Members at large.


Fourth Thursday monthly at 9:00 A.M.


4 Years

Time Commitment:

2 Hours (minimum) Each Month


Val_Valfre, Director of Housing Services


(503) 846-4755


Web site:

Housing Advisory Committee Website

Has opening: Yes

3 positions available now for:
-Farmworker/Agricultural Representative
-Housing Authority Representative
-Social Services Representative

Opening contact information: