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Board of Property Tax Appeals


The Board of Property Tax Appeals was established by state law to consider taxpayer petitions challenging assessed value determined by the County Assessor, review the annual Ratio Study and recommend for valuation adjustments, and examine the assessment roll for needed corrections. The Board also considers requests to excuse penalties assessed for the late filing of real and personal property returns.


Five members who are residents of the county and are not employees of the County or any taxing district within the county. Qualifications include knowledge of real estate, appraisal and assessment practices, patience, understanding and a sense of civic responsibility.




1 year

Time Commitment:

typically 25 to 30 days of hearings February-April; Board Members must be able to commit a minimum of five to ten days, and a one-day training conducted by the Oregon Department of Revenue.


Teresa Eakin, Assessment & Taxation Records/Cartography




Web site:

Board of Property Tax Appeals Website

Has opening: Yes

4 positions available after June 30, 2017

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