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Fair Board


The Fair Board’s primary function is to oversee the  planning, preparation and production of the County Fair.  The Fair Board will develop both short and long-term plans for the promotion and production of the County Fair and provide input to the County’s Facilities Maintenance Plan of the Fairgrounds.  The Fair Board meets monthly.


The Fair Board is comprised of seven members that are selected from a variety of interests determined by the Board of Commissioners, including:  Agriculture, Livestock, Youth/Education, Exhibitors/Vendors, Urban Agriculture.  In lieu of a citizen representative, one member may be from the Board of Commissioners.


First Wednesday of every month, 4:30 pm


3 years

Time Commitment:

2-3 hours per month


Leah Perkins-Hagele, Fair Complex Manager


(503) 648-1416, Ext. 202


Web site:

Fair Board Website

Has opening: No