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Homeless Plan Advisory Committee


The Homeless Plan Advisory Committee will be comprised of members who have authority within their agency/jurisdiction to make policy and budget decisions that impact the community’s housing and supportive service system.  The Committee will provide high-level oversight to the implementation of the 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness, encourage collaborative partnership building, provide guidance to the annual work plan, work to create resources and funding, and promote and sustain the vision and leadership of the 10-Year Plan.  The committee will be advisory to the county Homeless Program Coordinator, the Director of Housing Services, the County Administrator, and the Board of County Commissioners.


The 17-member committee includes a representatives from each of the following categories: Washington County Commissioner official, a mayor or city councilor, philanthropy, business, Housing Authority of Washington County, a nonprofit housing provider, a nonprofit service provider, Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Washington County Community Corrections, state or federal entitlement/mainstream resource programs, a representative from the two major hospitals, a representative from the faith community, 3 citizens at-large and a homeless/formerly homeless consumer.




3 years

Time Commitment:



Annette Evans, Chair, Housing & Supportive Services Network




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Homeless Plan Advisory Committee Website

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One vacancy for a business representative

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