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Northwest Area Commission on Transportation (NW ACT)


The Northwest Area Commission on Transportation (NWACT) is an advisory body chartered by the Oregon Transportation Commission.  NWACT addresses all aspects of transportation (surface, marine, air, and transportation safety) with primary focus on the state transportation system.  NWACT considers regional and local transportation issues in northwest Oregon that affect the state system.

NWACT plays a key advisory role in the development of the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), which schedules funded transportation projects.  NWACT establishes a public process for area project selection priorities for the STIP.  Through that process, they prioritize transportation problems and solutions and recommend projects in their area to be included in the STIP.

There are 28 seats on the NWACT representing local governments, ODOT, Port members, public transportation providers, and citizens-at-large from Clatsop, Tillamook, Columbia, and western rural Washington counties.


Two Citizen-At-Large representing western Washington County (including Banks and Gaston), selected by the county’s commissioners. Members are non-elected citizens selected from private interests including but not limited to freight, trucking, bicycle, pedestrian, public transportation system, public interest advocacy groups, environmental, land use, local citizens, business, education, minority organizations, public safety providers, non-profit organizations, etc.


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2 years

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Sia Lindstrom


503 846-8853


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Northwest Area Commission on Transportation (NW ACT) Website

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One position available now for a citizen at large

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