CCI Committees

The CCI has a Steering Committee and a number of subcommittees made up of community volunteers.

Steering Committee Members:

  • Kathy Stallkamp - Chair

  • Virginia Bruce - Vice Chair

  • Bruce Bartlett, Mary Manseau - Co-Secretaries

  • Paul Johnson, Greg Malinowski - Members At Large


CPO Representatives (two from each CPO):

  • Bruce Bartlett, Virginia Bruce - CPO 1 Reps

  • Stan Houseman, Ben Marcotte - CPO 3 Reps

  • Lisa Hamilton - CPO 4B Rep

  • Mike Dahlstrom, Kathy Stallkamp - CPO 4K Reps

  • Jim Long - CPO 4M Rep

  • Raymond Eck, Rex Nere - CPO 6 Reps

  • Leslie Shaw, Fran Warren - CPO 6 Alternate Reps

  • Bhaskar Aluru, Mahesh Udata - CPO 7 Reps

  • Henry Oberhelman - CPO 8 Rep

  • Dick Smith, Lars Wahlstrom - CPO 10 Reps

  • Paul Johnson - CPO 15 Rep



CCI Subcommittee volunteers are needed!

Below is a list of CCI subcommittees looking for members. Each subcommittee holds
monthly meetings requiring about a 1-hour per month time commitment.

CCI Marketing Subcommittee
Charged with developing a marketing plan that increases awareness of the Community Participation
Organizations (CPOs) through a coordinated and well-messaged program of advertising, materials, templates and other resources for the CPOs and CCI to implement. 
CCI Code and Ordinance Subcommittee
Focuses on Washington County land use development issues, reviewing recommended codes and ordinances 
and providing suggested comment and action to CCI.  
CCI Legislative Subcommittee
Follows Oregon legislation that may impact Washington County residents and land use, reviewing recommended 
legislation and providing suggested comment and action to CCI. 

Interested? Contact Community Engagement Program Coordinator Highland Edelman.