CCI Meetings

CCI meetings and events.


Upcoming CCI meeting:
Tue., Jun. 18, 7-9 p.m.

On the agenda:

  • Neighborhood Night Out
    Sgt. DiPietro with Washington County Sheriff’s Office will provide information about the Neighborhood Night Out Program and how your CPO can sign up to host a Neighborhood Night Out event.

  • Social Media Opportunities
    CPO 1 member, Osiris Parikh, will present ways to enhance communications among community members through social media. Nextdoor, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn will be discussed, along with some tips for use and best practices and guidelines for using social media accounts.


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The CCI meets on the third Tuesday of the month, 7-8:40 p.m., Edwards Center, 4375 SW Edwards Pl., Aloha. All CCI meetings and events are open to the public. Get calendar notifications.



2019 - Meeting Agendas and Materials 

 Jun. 18  Agenda
  • Neighborhood Night Out Program
    Presentation by Sgt. DePietro with the Washington County Sheriff's Office
  • Social Media Opportunities
    Presentation by CPO 1 member, Osiris Parikh
 May 21  Agenda
 Apr. 23  Agenda
 Special Event:
  • Harold Haynes Celebration
    Harold M. Haynes Citizen Involvement Award recipeint Jim Long will be recognized and presented with a plaque at the County's Board of Commissioners work session. A reception will follow.

 General Meeting Topics:

  • CPO News and Ideas
    Discussions to include changes for CPO agendas and minutes, outreach ideas, hot topics, and barriers to success.

 Mar. 19



 Feb. 21


 Draft Minutes


  • Washington County Board of Commisioners Chair Kathryn Harrington
    Discussing transportation, development, gain share, community participation and other county issues. CCI questions posed included in packet.
  • Sub-committee reports
    • Code and Ordinance
    • Marketing
  • Program Updates and Announcements
    • Sub-committee Approval
    • Harold Haynes Award Information
  • Emerging Issues

    Packet available here
    CCI's comment letter re: LUT Draft Work Plan for 2019-2020
 Jan. 22






2018 - Meeting Agendas, Materials and Minutes

 Nov. 20 Agenda  Included in packet

  • Agenda
  • Draft Summary of July 2018 meeting
  • Draft CCI work plan letter 
  • Boundary change proposal and map
  • Timeline diagram of Significant Natural Resources paper
  • Table: Significant Natural Resource Categories
 July 17 Agenda  Included in packet

  • Agenda
  • Draft Summary of June 2018 meeting
 June 19 Agenda 
 Draft Minutes
 Included in packet

  • Agenda
  • Draft Summary of May 2018 meeting
 Handouts / presentation by Mike Dahlstrom, CEP Program Manager:
May 15  Agenda
 Draft Minutes
 Included in packet

  • Agenda
  • Draft Summary of March 2018 meeting
 Hand-outs received at meeting: 

Mar. 20 Agenda
  Draft  Minutes
 Included in packet:  

 Combined .pdf for March meeting packet (all files)

Feb. 20 - Cancelled
due to
weather emergency

 Letter adopted 2/20/18 by Steering Committee in emergency vote:
 Final, summary input to 2018-19 Annual Long Range Planning Work Program 

Jan. 16 Agenda
  Draft Minutes

 Combined .pdf for January meeting packet (all files).

 Also included in January packet:


2017 - Meeting Agendas, Materials and Minutes

CCI meeting dateAgendaMeeting summaryDocuments
December 19AgendaMinutes

Training handout: Making a Safe Space-Disruptions and Incivility

CCI 11/21/17 requests to Board of Commissioners and LUT for 2018 Long Range Planning Annual Work Program

Combined .pdf of December packet

November 21AgendaMinutes

CCI Bylaws Proposal

Materials distributed after October meeting 
October 17AgendaMinutes

CCI Bylaws Calendar Options

Summary of proposed CCI bylaws amendment (same file as in Sept. meeting)

Audio recording - Community Engagement Manager Mike Dahlstrom's update and discussion (52 minutes)

September 19AgendaMinutes

Summary of proposed CCI bylaws amendment

Proposed CCI bylaws amendment (for reference: markup version

No August meeting 

July 18AgendaMinutesCCI bylaws subcommittee discussion(identical to file on June agenda - see below)
June 20AgendaMinutes

Staff responses to questions submitted to Chair Duyck

CCI bylaws subcommittee discussion (TABLED in June, continued to July agenda)

May 25



CCI questions for Washington County Chair Duyck

Audio recording of Chairman's open comments in Q&A 

April 18AgendaMinutes

Materials for agenda topics:

Community Engagement Program Needs for Staff Support

CCI Bylaws discussion notes

March 21AgendaMinutes

For discussion of Transportation Futures Study: executive summary and public comments on study findings 

CCI letter delivered March 14, 2017-additional input to LUT Draft 2017-18 Work Program 

February 21AgendaMinutes

LUT Draft 2017-18 Work Program available for public comment through March 17.
Link for LUT draft and information

January 31



2016 Nominations Packet for Harold M. Haynes Award for Citizen Involvement

CPO Marketing Budget - CCI process report (2-pg.) and Word Cloud


2016 - Meeting Agendas, Materials and Minutes

CCI Meeting DateMeeting NoticeMeeting NotesDocuments
December 20AgendaNotes

Final letter on Annual Long Range Planning Work Program

2017 State Legislative Agenda

November 15Agenda


DRAFT letter on Annual Long Range Planning Work Program and Attachments

Staff reply on Rural Tourism Study 

October 18Agenda Letter: Board meetings at other County locations
September 20Agenda  
August 16AgendaNotes 
July 19 cancelled---------
June 21AgendaNotesLetter: Vehicle Registration Fee
May 17AgendaNotes  
March 15AgendaNotesLetters: Budget request; Annual Long Range Planning Work Program comments (Staff Report reply / to Commissioners)
February 16Agenda Notes  
January 19Agenda Notes