Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District Visioning Task Force Receives Citizen Involvement Award

THPRD Visioning Task Force - recipient of 2020 Harold M. Haynes Citizen Award

Authentic Engagement

The VTF spent hundreds of hours over the last year leading an extensive community engagement effort to help form a vision for the future of the District based on the needs and interests of the diverse community. They didn’t simply show up. They were intimately involved with the entire community engagement process from start. They helped design the outreach process, selected where, when, and how VTF time and energy would be used. They each attended dozens of events and meetings and used each experience to shape the next round of outreach. VTF members put careful consideration into each action and worked tirelessly to achieve the high standards they set for the process, and they succeeded.


THPRD Visioning Task Force Members

Enthusiasm - Dedication - Impact - Success!

In just five months, the group accomplished what can normally take two to three years. They attended 117 events and community meetings to collect community feedback for the vision forward for THPRD. They talked to nearly 10,500 people, collected more than 12,500 ideas, and nurtured every conversation along the way. Task Force members agreed they would never say “no” to ideas and to embrace each piece of information they received, always celebrating the input and encouraging more. 


THPRD Visioning Task Force Focus Group


What really stands out about their work is not only the short timeline and enormous amount of work these dedicated volunteers were able to complete, but the way in which they did it, their overall commitment to authentic engagement, the results they were able to achieve, and the impact this work will have on the District and the 250,000 residents served by THPRD.


THPRD Visioning Task Force Youth

End Result: A Community-Inspired Plan for All

The contributions from community members directly inspired these four overarching goal areas that form the anchoring pillars of the THPRD Vision Action Plan:

  • Welcoming and Inclusive
    Combines a range of ideas centered on building community, expanding the role of THPRD in people's lives, minimizing or eliminating barriers to participation in THPRD's services, expanding staff capacity, and building partnerships and community relations.

  • Play for Everyone
    Reflects all the ways people (and their nonhuman family members) want to play, move and interact with THPRD, including participation in classes, activities, exercise, and sports; play in creative parks and playgrounds with imaginative new features throughout the year.

  • Accessible and Safe
    Represents themes related to the overall maintenance of facilities and equipment and the ability of all THPRD residents to access their THPRD amenities safely. It also includes recommendations for ways to make facilities and programming more enjoyable and financially accessible for everyone.

  • Preserving Natural Spaces
    Includes community ideas that envision opportunities for people to be in and enjoy nature. It represents comments on trails—for recreation, travel, interaction with animals, and regional connection. This goal area envisions ways for all THPRD residents to have equal access to green spaces by designing a more equitable interconnected system.


Note: All event photos on this page were taken prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.