February CPO Meeting Roundup - Week 3

Release date: 02/06/2018
Sponsored by: County Administrative Office, Office of Equity, Inclusion & Community Engagement Division

Upcoming Community Participation Organization meetings: CPOs 1, 3, 12C, 13

Join us to stay informed and involved with your neighbors, community members and officials. 

CPO 1 Bonny Slope West-Cedar Hills-Cedar Mill

7 p.m., Tuesday, February 13
Leedy Grange Hall, 835 NW Saltzman Road

CPO 1 will take a look at the County's Draft 2018-19 Land Use & Transportation's Annual Work Program which identifies and prioritizes the Department's annual tasks. Plus, TVF&R will provide information about two measures on the upcoming March ballot. Find out more!

CPO 1 Contacts
Chair Virginia Bruce | vrb@teamweb.com
Vice Chair Bruce Bartlett | bonnyslopemayor@gmail.com | 503-645-4683


CPO 12C Cornelius-West Dairy Creek

6:30 p.m., Tuesday, February 13
Free Orchards Elementary School, 2499 S Beech Street

CPO 12C welcomes State Representative Susan McLain to provide an update on the bills she is processing and reviewing in the current 2018 State Legislature Short Session. Bring your questions! Find out more!

CPO 12C Contact
Chair Joseph Auth | cpo12cleadership@gmail.com


CPO 13 Gales Creek-Roy-Verboort and Vicinity

7 p.m., Wednesday, February 14
Gales Creek Community Church, 9170 NW Sargent Road

CPO 13 hosts Tim Davis, with the County's Wood Stove Exchange Program, who will speak about how to swap an old wood stove for a new efficient, clean-burning model. With rebates! And depending on income, some may even be eligible for a full-cost replacement up to $5,000. Find out more!

CPO 13 Contact
Chair Chas Hundley | chashundley94@gmail.com | 503-490-9316


CPO 3 Garden Home-Raleigh Hills-West Slope

7 p.m., Thursday, February 15
Garden Home Recreation Center, 7475 SW Oleson Road

CPO 3 welcomes the candidates running for the seat on Metro Council to represent CPO 3 communities. The Council leads the regional Portland metropolitan area government. The candidates will talk about their experience, ideas and views. The election is coming in May. Find out more!

CPO 3 Contact
Chair Ross Peterson | ross@gridworks.us | 503-421-1163



Community Engagement Program Contacts
Kari Herinckx, Program Coordinator for CPO 1 | kari_herinckx@co.Washington.or.us | 503-846-6283
Dan Schauer, Program Coordinator for CPOs 3, 12C and 13 | dan_schauer@co.Washington.or.us | 503-846-6287