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CPO 1 meets on the second Tuesday of the month, 7 pm. When in-person meetings are being held, CPO 1 meets at Leedy Grange Hall, 835 NW Saltzman Rd., Portland. All members of the Bonny Slope West, Cedar Hills and Cedar Mills communities are encouraged to attend! 

Note: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, CPO 1 is only holding virtual meetings at this time. 

Join your neighbors at the next CPO 1 community meeting: 
Tue., Sept. 14, 7 pm  

7:00 PM  |  WELCOME

Community Briefings
From service providers as available: Washington County Sheriff's Office, Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District, Tualatin Valley Water District, Clean Water Services, Beaverton School District


Redistricting: A Rep of our own?

CPO 1 Co-Chair Virginia Bruce will discuss the process underway to redraw State and Federal representation districts based on the information from the 2020 census. Residents north of Hwy 26 currently have three Oregon State Representatives representing areas with very different situations: some are in cities, some are in different counties. About redistricting


Hit the trails in CPO 1!

Crystal Durbecq, Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation Nature & Trails Specialist, and Park Ranger Sebastian Ford will present information about current habitat projects, early detection/rapid response weeds, trails, and wildlife information for the greater Cedar Mill area. The presentation will be about 15 minutes. Questions are welcome.  About trails, natural areas and projects


Middle Housing: What does it mean, how will it be implemented?

Anne Kelly, Washington County Land Use & Transportation Senior Planner, will provide information about County implementation of the middle housing bill (House Bill 2001) and how it can increase housing variety to help meet people’s needs. About middle housing

9:00 PM  |  ADJOURN




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2021 - Meeting Agendas and Materials 

 Sept. 14
  • Redistricting: A Rep of our own?
    Presented by CPO 1 Chair Virginia Bruce
  • Hit the trails in CPO 1! Presentation
    Presented by Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District
  • Middle Housing: What does it mean, how will it be implemented? Presentation
    Presented by Washington County Land Use & Transportation
 Jun. 8
  • Significant Environmental Enhancements at Nature Park
    Presented by Clean Water Services
  • Advanced Sheriff's Patrol District Advisory Committee Update
  • US Postal Service Reform Act
 May 11


 Special guests:
  • State Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward
  • Cedar Mill Library Director Peter Leonard
 Apr. 13
  • Commissioner Pam Treece
  • OSU Extension Service
    Presented by CPO 1 Vice Chair Bruce Bartlett
  • Filbert Street Sidewalk Project
    Presented by Ben Lively, Project Manager
    Washington County Land Use & Transportation
 Mar. 9
  • Water When We Need It?!
    Presented by Tualatin Valley Water District
  • When the Water Stops, What Do You Do?
    Presented by Bill Hall, Founder of Cedar Hills Ready

 Feb. 9
  • Affordable Senior Housing Project
    Christ United Methodist Church is partnering with Home First.
    The Development Team:
    Ben Pray and Rob Justus, Home First
    Pastor Ric Shewell, Cedar Mill Christ UMC
    Shannon Wilson, MPA, Housing Development Manager, Washington County - Department of Housing Services
  • Beaverton School District Update
    Presented by Kara Yunck, Communications Coordinator
  • Update on Thompson Road
 Jan. 12
  • COVID Vaccination Program in Washington County
  • State Senator Elizabeth Steiner-Hayward
  • PGE’s Project Zero



2020 - Meeting Agendas and Materials 

 Dec. 8
  • Legislative Update
    Oregon District 33 Representative Maxine Dexter
  • Westside Trail and Proposed Pedestrian Connection Over Hwy 26
    Presented by Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation
  • Hwy 217 Auxiliary Lanes Project
    Presented by the Oregon Department of Transportation

 Nov. 10
  • Oregon DEQ’s Proposal to Modernize Oregon’s Recycling
    Presented by Thomas Egleston, Manager, Washington County Solid Waste & Recycling
 Oct. 13

 Special Election 2020 meeting:

  • Voting in Washington County
    Presented by Lisa DuPre’, Public Affairs and Communications Coordinator, County Administrative Office
  • Oregon House District 33 Representative
    Candidates: Dick Courter, Maxine Dexter
  • Metro Council Position 5
    Candidates: Mary Nolan, Chris Smith

  • Tualatin Soil & Water Conservation District At-Large Position 2: Candidates: Kieran Sikdar, Casey Storey, Dean Moberg

  • Washington County Charter Amendments
    Presented by Washington County Commissioner Pam Treece

  • Metro Transportation Measure
    Presented by a Metro representative

 Sept. 8
  • Road News
    Updates on a number of road projects by CPO 1 Leadership
  • Preserving Natural Areas
    Presentation on Significant Natural Resources by Fran Warren
  • District Attorney's Office
    Presentation by Allison Brown, Senior Deputy District Attorney
 Aug. 11
 Jul. 14
  • SNRs Assessment/LCDC Enforcement Order
    Presented by Theresa Cherniak, Principal Planner, Washington County Land Use & Transportation
  • A Tree Code for Washington County?
    Micah Meskel, Activist Program Manager, Portland Audubon

    Watch this meeting on Facebook

    Participants contact info:

    Amy Terrones, Community Outreach Specialist, WashingtonCounty Sheriff’s Office | 503-846-5930 | email 

    Theresa Cherniak, Principal Planner, Washington County Land Use & Transportation | 503-846-3961 | email

    Jill Warren, Chief Petitioner, LCDC Petition | email 

    Micah Meskel, Activist Program Mgr, Portland Audubon | 971-222-6128 | email

 Jun. 9  Minutes
  • Cedar Mill Town Center Plan
    Presented by Andy Back, Division Manager, Land Use & Transportation Planning and Development Services, and John Southgate, Economic Consultant for Washington County
  • District 2 Update by Commissioner Pan Treece

    Watch this meeting on Facebook
 May 12  Agenda
 Mar. 10


  • Meet Your House District 33 Candidates!
  • On the Ballot: Library Levy
 Feb. 11  Agenda
  • School Lockout/Lockdown
  • Safe Routes to School
  • WashCo Bikes
 Jan. 23  Agenda
  • Short-term Rentals
    Presentation by Suzanne Savin, Senior Planner with Land Use & Transportation
  • Topics for 2020 - Brainstorming Session



2019 - Meeting Agendas and Materials 

 Dec. 10  Agenda
  • First/Last Mile Project
    Presentation by 5th-6th Grade Lego Robotics Team
  • Beaverton Schools Homeless Education/Foster Care Program
    Presentation by Program Specialist Lisa Mentesana
  • Eat Smart, Waste Less Challege Program
    Presentation by Washington County Solid Waste & Recycling
 Nov. 12  Agenda
  • Cedar Grove Low Income Housing
    Project update by Community Partners for Affordable Housing
  • Significant Natural Resource Program Review and Assessment
    Presentation by Washington County Land Use & Transportation
 Oct. 8  Agenda
  • Special guest: Metro Councilor Juan Carlos González
    Councilor González will provide a Metro update.
  • County's Last Mile Project
    Presentation by Senior Planner Dyami Valentine
 Sep. 10  Agenda
  • Emergency Preparedness
    Presentation by Alita Ostapkovich, Washington County Emergency Management
  • Ride Connection
    Aryka Hanto will share how this program provides free transportation options to older adults, Veterans and people with disabilities.
  • Woodstove Exchange Program
    Tim Davis will describe how the County's program works to clear the air and provide rebates and grants for new safe, efficient heating options to people who use woodstoves.
 Jul. 9  Agenda
  • Air Pollution in CPO 1
    Presentation by CPO 1 resident Susan Mates who has been sudying air quality issues for the Oregon League of Women Voters.
  • Life Time Fitness Development Appeal
    Pesentations by representatives from the City of Beaverton, Life Time Fitness and the opposition group.
 Jun. 11  Agenda
  • Citizen Advocacy 101: Making Change Happen
    Workshop presented by Donna Cohen
 May 14  Agenda
  • Beaverton School District Funding
    Representatives from the District will present a slide show on the history of funding education in Oregon and Measures that were passed which affect it, along with facts about teacher salaries, PERS, and outside influences affecting school funding.
  • Cornelius Pass Road Closure
    Mike Pullen, Multnomah County Roads Communications, will provide information on the closure of Cornelius Pass Road coming this summer.
 Apr. 8  Agenda
  • THPRD Board Candidates

 *Note: CPO 1 is attending CPO 7 meeting this month.

 Feb. 12  Agenda


  • Oregon Solutions Cedar Mill Creek Remediation Collaborative
    Melissa De Lyser, Public Affairs and Communications, Washington County LUT
  • Cedar Mill Town Plan: What does it call for? How can we update it?
    Erin Wardell, Principal Planner, Transportation Planning, Washington County LUT
 Jan. 8  Agenda   Topics: 
  • County Commissioners Handoff
    Greg Malinowski and Pam Treece discuss the issues.
  • CPO 1 Bike & Ped Wish List
    Steve Franks, Washington County Land Use & Transportation



2018 - Meeting Agendas and Materials

 Dec. 11  Agenda   Topics: 
  • Japanese Beetle Update
    Chris Hedstrom from Oregon Dept. of Agriculture will update on the progress of this pest eradication project.
  • Adelante Mujeres
    Evelyn Cantoral, Director of Development, will discuss the work of the organization and how we can help.
  • OHSU Research Study
    Ruti Cogan, OHSU Research Assistant, will present information on an "opt-out" study to allow research.


  • Materials on Japanese Beetles and other pests from Oregon Dept. of Agriculture
  • Adelante Mujeres information flyer (bi-lingual)
  • OHSU Opt-out study FAQs
 Nov. 13  Agenda   Topics: 
  • Metro Update
    Outgoing Metro Councilor Kathryn Harrington gives her final report.
  • Significant Natural Resources Issue Paper
    Discussion with Michelle Miller, LUT, on research conducted for a forth-coming issue paper.
  • Bike and Pedestrian Facilities
    Discussion on more facilities for local roads.
 Oct. 9  Agenda 


  • On the Ballot
    Information on the various measures on the November ballot.
 Sep. 11  Agenda   Topics: 
  • Washington County Kids Program
    Katie Riley will speak on this program to help low-income families get high quality after school care. 
  • Luke-Dorf Homeless Services
    A representative will share what they do and how you can help. 
 July 10  Agenda   Topics: 
  • New Parks, Old Parks
    Jeannine Rustad, Superintendent of Planning for THPRD, will discuss THPRD's park acquisition and development priorities and policies.
  • Dog Parks?
    THPRD staff will talk about new policies under consideration and what it takes to establish a new off-lease dog park.
 June 12  Agenda
  • Tualatin Riverkeepers
    Ruby Buchholtz will give a project update.
  • Cedar Mill Creek Flooding Update
  • Willamette Water Supply Update
 May 8  Agenda
  • Metro Update - Kathryn Harrington
  • Tackling Food Waste with the Waste-Not Food Taxi
  • New Development Roundup
 Apr. 10  Agenda   Topics: 
  • Metro President Candidate Forum
    Candidates Lynne Peterson and Michael Langley are invited to attend.
  • Beaverton School District Levy
    School district representative to discuss the May ballot levy.
  • Should our CPO work on a disaster plan?
 Mar. 13  Agenda
  • Public Safety and THPRD Updates
  • Meet the Candidates!
    Candidates from County Commissioner District 2 and Metro Council District 4 to attend and answer audience questions.
 Feb. 13  Agenda 
  • Long Range Planning Annual Work Program
  • Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue
    Measures on the March ballot. 
 Jan. 9     Meeting has been cancelled.



2017 - Meeting Agendas and Materials

 Dec. 12  Agenda 
  • Update on Legislative Issues
    Guest: State Senator Elizabeth Steiner-Hayward
  • Japanese Beetle Eradication
    An update from Oregon Dept. of Agriculture.
  • Cedar Mill Creek
    Tips for homeowners in the flood zone.
 Nov. 14  Agenda 
  • Solar Power
    What homeowners need to know about home solar energy and an available rebate.
  • Oregon Solutions and the Cedar Mill Creek Flood Remediation Collaborative Project
 Oct. 10  Agenda 


  • Clean Water Services
    How CWS protects the watershed.
  • Metro Update by Kathryn Harrington
  • Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District
    Natural Resources Citizen Program
 Sep. 12  Agenda

 Guest Speaker:

  • Newly Elected THPRD Board Member Holly Thompson
 Jul. 11  Agenda 


  • A Tree Code for Washington County
  • Affordable Housing Project Update
  • Cedar Mill Farmers Market
 Jun. 13  Agenda 


  • Road and Sidewalk Improvements
  • Metro Update
 May 9  Agenda


  • Sheriff Pat Garrett
    Sheriff Garrett will discuss Measure 34-272 which renews the funding of the Enhanced Sheriff's Patrol District.
 Apr. 11  Agenda


  • Candidates Forum
    Meet your candidates for the Beaverton School District Board and Tualatin Hills Park and Rec District Board.
 Mar. 14  Agenda 


  • Japanese Beetle Eradication Program
  • Willamette Water Supply Programs and Other Projects
 Feb. 13  Agenda


  • School Overcrowding
    Presenters: Washington County Department of Land Use & Transportation and Beaverton School District


 Watch the meeting:

 CPO 1 video of Feb 2017 meeting.

 Jan. 10  Agenda


  • OSU Extension
    Bonny Slope Backyard Gardening Group



 Dec. 13  Meeting Notice with Agenda Topic: Affordable Housing at Cornell and Murray
 Oct. 11   Meeting Notice with Agenda Notes
 Sept. 13  Meeting Notice with Agenda Notes
 July 12  Meeting Notice with Agenda Notes
 June 14  Meeting Notice with Agenda Notes
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 Apr. 26  Meeting Notice with Agenda  Notes
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