CPO 1 Meetings


 Jan. 9   Meeting has been cancelled for January.



 Dec. 12 Agenda 

  • Update on legislative issues from State Senator Elizabeth Steiner-Hayward
  • Japanese Beetle eradication - an update from Oregon Dept. of Agriculture
  • Cedar Mill Creek - tips for homeowners in the flood zone
 Nov. 14 Agenda 

  • Solar Power - what homeowners need to know about home solar energy and an available rebate
  • Oregon Solutions and the Cedar Mill Creek Flood Remediation Collaborative Project
 Oct. 10 Agenda 


  • How Clean Water Services Protects the Watershed
  • Metro Update by Kathryn Harrington
  • Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District - Natural Resources Citizen Program
 Sep. 12 Agenda
 Guest Speaker: Newly Elected THPRD Board Member Holly Thompson
 Jul. 11 Agenda 


  • A Tree Code for Washington County
  • Affordable Housing Project Update
  • Cedar Mill Farmers Market
 Jun. 13 Agenda 


  • Road and Sidewalk Improvements
  • Metro Update
 May 9 Agenda


  • Sheriff Pat Garrett will discuss Measure 34-272 which renews the funding of the Enhanced Sheriff's Patrol District.
 Apr. 11 Agenda

 Topic: Candidates Forum

  • Beaverton School District Board
  • Tualatin Hills Park and Rec District Board
 Mar. 14 Agenda 


  • Japanese Beetle Eradication Program
  • Willamette Water Supply Programs and Other Projects
 Feb. 13 Agenda

 Topic: School Overcrowding


  • Washington County Department of Land Use & Transportation
  • Beaverton School District


 Watch the meeting:

 CPO 1 video of Feb 2017 meeting.

 Jan. 10 Agenda

Topic: OSU Extension, Bonny Slope Backyard Gardening Group

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 Dec. 13 Meeting Notice with AgendaTopic: Affordable Housing at Cornell and Murray
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