CPO 10 Meetings



Join CPO 10 at their next meeting.
Note special date:
Thu., Feb. 13, 7 p.m.

On the agenda:

Special joint presentation with Washington County District Attorney Kevin Barton and Sheriff's Office Lieutenant James Wheaton

  • Come hear about happenings in the District Attorney and Sheriff offices. Find out how these offices work together and coordinate with each other, and where they are trying to make community connections. Learn about their goals, events and more.


Bring any news, announcements, and concerns to address and share with the group. New attendees are always welcome. Come and meet others that live in the area!

Please note:

  • Upcoming meeting in February will be held on February 13, one week early.
  • Beginning in April, CPO 10 meetings will begin at 6:30 pm instead 7 pm.

Upcoming meeting topics:

Mar. 19  |  Cristian Salgado, PGE Outreach Specialist and Smart Grid Coordinator

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CPO 10 meets monthly on the third Thursday of the month, 7 p.m., Farmington View Elementary School, 8300 SW Hillsboro Hwy, Hillsboro, OR. All CPO meetings and events are open to the public.

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CPO 10 and 15 drew a big crowd to discuss possible ways to improve the safety of the Hwy 219 and Burkhalter Road intersection.

CPO 10 and CPO 15 drew a large crowd at their April meeting to discuss how to improve the safety of the Hwy 219 and Burkhalter Road intersection.

Serious accidents have occurred at this intersection. Many came to voice their concerns and discuss possible solutions. Traffic engineers from both the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the County were there to answer questions.




2020 - Meeting Agendas and Materials 

 Feb. 13  Agenda
  • Special joint presentation by the Washington County District Attorney Kevin Barton and the Sheriff's Office, Lieutenant James Wheaton
 Jan. 16  Agenda
 Featured speaker:
  • Washington County Farm Burea President Nic Vial



2019 - Meeting Agendas and Materials 

 Nov. 21  Agenda
  • Kinton Grange and Grangemeaster
    Presented by Joe and Sue Peter
 Oct. 17  Agenda
  • CPO 10 Officer Elections
  • House District 26 Representative Courtney Neron
 Sep. 19  Agenda
  • Odds and Ends, New Business, Old Business, Local Updates
 May 16  Agenda


  • Washington County Land Use and Transportation/Long Range Planning Urban Growth Boundary Transportation Study
  • Willamette Water Supply Project and Program
 Apr. 18  Agenda
 Special Joint Meeting with CPO 10 - Topic:
  • Hwy 219 and Burhalter Road Intersection
    Presentation and discussion with traffic engineers from the State and the County
 Mar. 19  Agenda
 Special Event:
  • Community Connect Workshop - Hosted by CPOs 10, 12F and 15
    Katherine Galian with Community Action Organization will provide information about housing assistance plans.
 Feb. 21  Agenda


  • Just Eat It: A Food Waste Movie
    Presented in partnership with Washington County Solid Waste & Recycling, this documentary looks at the problem of food waste and offers tips & tools to reduce home food waste.
 Jan. 17



  • Historic Barn Restoration
    Presentation by Restore Oregon who motto is "Saving Historic Places"


2018 - Meeting Agendas and Materials

 Nov. 15  Agenda
  • Wood Stove Exchange Program
  • Veteran Home Improvement Program
  • Hawthorn Walk-In Center of Hillsboro
 Oct. 18  Agenda


  • Open Forum!
    Bring topics of interest, ideas, news, events and happenings to share with your neighbors!
 Sep. 20  Agenda


  • A History of Scholls, Laurel, Jacktown, Farmington, and the surrounding CPO10 Area 
    Presented by CPO 10 member Dick Smith.
 May 17  Agenda
  • Cooper Mountain Transportation Study
  • Family Promise of Beaverton
    A presentation by the program's executive director.  
 Mar. 15  Agenda 
  • Minor Boundary Change Vote for CPO10
  • Tualatin Riverkeepers Update
    Ruby Buchholtz to discuss current projects.
  • Tualatin Soil and Water Conservation District Update
    Juli Waarvik to discuss current projects, services offered and future goals. 
 Feb. 22  Agenda   Topics: 
  • CPO 10 Minor Boundary Change
    Vote by attendees.
  • Family Promise of Oregon
    Learn more about this vital organization that assists Beaverton-area children and families affected by homelessness. 
 Jan. 18  Agenda


  • Minor Boundary Change Vote
  • Land Use & Transportation
    Melissa De Lyser speaks on LUT's Annual Report for FY 2016-17 and AF10 Land Use Districts as related to school/religious institutions. 


2017 - Meeting Agendas and Materials

 Nov. 15  Agenda


  • Homelessness in Western Washington County
    Panel of guests.
 Oct. 19  Agenda


  • Kim Coffman AirBnB/VRBO and Local Points of Interest
    How do AirBNB/VRBO hosts benefit our local community? Q&A session to follow.
 May 18  Agenda 


  • Hillsboro Food Co-op
 Apr. 20  Agenda


  • Special Open Forum
    Bring any news, events, information, neighborly conversation, happenings, questions or concerns that you have.
 Mar. 15  Agenda 

Special Joint Meeting with CPO 15


  • An Update from Councilor Kathryn Harrington
  • Chehalem Ridge Park Master Planning
    A Discussion with Planner Karen Vitkay of Metro Parks and Nature Department
  • Discussion with Representative Ron Noble
  • High-Speed Internet
    Update from Frontier Communications.
 Feb. 16  Agenda


  • Washington County Wood Stove Exchange Program
  • Emergency Preparedness Assessment
    By Washington County Public Health
 Jan. 19  Agenda


  • Wood Stove Exchange Program
  • Willamette Water Supply Program


2016 - Meeting Agendas and Materials

November 17 Agenda Notes
October 20 Agenda Notes
September 22 Agenda Notes
May 19 Agenda Notes
April 21 Agenda  Notes
March 17 Agenda  Notes 
February 24 Agenda Notes