CPO 12F Meetings



Join CPO 12F at the Forest Grove Farmers Market!  
Wed., Jun. 26, 6 p.m.

  • CPO 12F will be having a cooking demonstration focusing on the bounty of the market and what to do with it once you get home. Samples will be offered. We look forward to seeing you at the Forest Grove Farmers Market!


2019 - Meeting Agendas and Materials

 May 22  Agenda
 Special Event:
  • Join CPO 12F at the Forest Grove Farmers Market!
 Apr. 24  Agenda
  • Community Safety and Neighborhood Watch
    An introduction to the Community Safety and Neighborhood Watch Program. Presented in partnership with the Forest Grove Police Department.
 Mar. 27  Agenda
 Special Event:
 Feb. 27


  • Emergency Preparedness
    Special guests: Stacy Metzger, a volunteer with Forest Grove Fire and Rescue, and Nancy Monroe, a consultant in Intercultural Relations.
 Jan. 30  Agenda


  • Eat Smart Waste Less Challenge
    Maycell Villanueva, Washington County Waste Reduction Outreach Specialist


2018 - Meeting Agendas and Materials

 Nov. 28  Agenda 


  • How to Stay Safe and Secure and Avoid Scams this Holiday Season
    Lauren Quinsland of Forest Grove Police Department
  Oct. 24  Agenda

 Topic: Meet Forest Grove City Council Candidates

  • Mayoral candidate:
    Peter B. Truax
  • City Council candidates:
    Solomon Clapshaw, Devon Downeysmith, Tom Johnston, Ron Thompson, Malynda Wenzl
 Sep. 26  Agenda   Topic: LUT Frequently Answered Questions
 Jul. 25  Agenda  Topic: The Homeless Crisis 
 Jun. 27   Agenda

 CPO 12F Kick-off!

  • Celebrating the revitalization of CPO 12F after 17 quiet years: a panel discussion on building community to help our families thrive, with Yoland Díaz (Adelante Mujares Chicas Youth Program), Eva Hawes MPH (Washington County Health and Human Services), and John O'Neill (Forest Grove School District Interim Superintendent).