CPO 13

Gales Creek, Roy, Verboort and Vicinity 

CPO 13 is your community engagement connection! 

Monthly community meetings provide a place to meet your neighbors, voice concerns, present possible solutions and learn about opportunities to become engaged in the decision making processes about the issues that make a difference in your life. See upcoming CPO 13 meeting agendas and schedules on the CPO 13 Meetings page. Find all CPO meetings and events on the CPO Calendar.



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Representative Susan McLain

Representative Susan McLain
Thu., Jan. 16, 6:30 p.m.
Cornelius Library

A Discussion:
The Upcoming 2020 Legislative Session





Upcoming February Meeting: CPO 13 Elections

CPO 13 is now accepting nominations for CPO 13 leadership positions. Led by community volunteers who host monthly meetings with informative presentations on timely local issues, CPO 13 is a vital link that provides communication between the people and the organizations serving the communities of Gales Creek, Roy and Verboort.

Make a difference by volunteering with your CPO! Share your time and your skills, and work with your neighbors to improve your community. If interested, contact CPO Chair Gary Post at g.post@hotmail.com or 503-883-1808.

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CPO 13 meets on the second Wednesday of the month, 7 p.m. Locations typically alternate every month between Gales Creek Community Church, 9170 NW Sargent Road and Visitation Parish Center in Verboort, 4317 NW Visitation Rd., Forest Grove. All members of the Gales Creek, Roy and Verboort communities are encouraged to attend! GET UPDATES



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If you are interested in getting involved, CPO 13 is always in need of volunteers from the Gales Creek, Roy and Verboort communities. Everyone is welcome! Contact us!  



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CCI subcommittees are looking for members. Apply now for boards, commissions and committees! County leaders speak out against hate. Jim Long receives 2019 Harold M. Haynes Citizen Involvement Award
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