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Thurs., Mar. 21, 7 p.m.

On the agenda:

  • Candidates Forum - For the District 4 County Commissioner seat. Event will be co-hosted with CPO 10. More details to come.  

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CPO 15 meets in January, March, May, September and November on the third Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m. in the Forest Hills Golf Course Banquet Room, 36260 SW Tongue Ln., Cornelius. All CPO meetings are open to the public.


CPO 15 receives accolades on its Homelessness Forum!

CPO 15 Nov 2017 meeting.

Many came from across the county to share in a discussion about homelessness and how it affects those living in the rural areas.
The joint November forum, Homelessness - A Rural Discussion, was a huge success. County Commissioner Bob Terry applauded the efforts of CPO 10 and CPO 15, and cited the event as an example of what he sees as an effective role of the CPOs and an illustration of a great program. He said it was the most well attended CPO meeting he has seen to date. One of the forum's presenters, Brian Schimmel, produced a wonderful, informative video of the forum. This video provides practical information about how you can help the local programs helping the homeless and what you can do if you encounter homeless people on our rural properties. It is a good use of an hour to watch this video.


September Meeting Recap

CPO 15 Member Leads a Heartfelt Presentation
Dennis Erickson of Washington County Community Corrections and a panel of program representatives introduced participants who told their own personal stories about their transitions to a life free of crime and addiction.


Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity that will utilize your leadership skills and make a difference in your community?  

After 15 years, CPO 15 Chair Peggy Harris is stepping down. She will remain active in the CPO, and will help to make the transition a smooth one for a new chair. In addition, the CPO 15 Steering Committee could use additional volunteer support to help plan meetings and events. 

CPO 15 is a vital link in the communities of Blooming and Fern Hill!
CPO 15 has long been very active under founder Betty Rose's leadership. More recently, a team that includes Megan Stenberg, Paul Johnson, Betty Rose, and Peggy Harris have provided leadership to the CPO. When problems or issues arise in our CPO area, CPO 15 is a vital link to keeping our community well-informed. Please contact Kari Herinckx, Community Engagement Program Coordinator, at 503-846-6283, to learn more about your role as a volunteer CPO leader. CPO 15 meets only five times a year in January, March, May, September, and November on the third Wednesday of the month at the Forest Hills Golf Club. The Forest Hills Golf Club generously hosts our meetings. Come join us to help keep CPO 15 alive! 




Update to notice for February 2018 Committee for Community Involvement (CCI)

UPDATED: 02/20/2018
A winter weather emergency calls for cancellation of the Committee for Community Involvement (CCI) meeting that was scheduled Tuesday evening, Feb. 20, 2018 in Aloha.

CCI general meeting

Release date: 01/09/2018
The Committee for Community Involvement (CCI) will meet 7 p.m. Tuesday, January 16, 2018, at Edwards Center, Inc. Aloha Community Center, 4375 SW Edwards Place, Aloha.

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Peggy Harris to retire this year.
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