CPO 15 Meetings


 Jan. 17 Agenda 

No meeting this month. 




 Nov. 15  Agenda Topic: Guest Panelists on Homelessness in Western Washington County
 Sep. 20 Agenda 


  • Washington County Community Corrections
  • Community Updates
  • Frontier Communications
  • CPO 15 Steering Committee Elections
 May 17 Agenda 


  • Emergency Preparedness - Are Washington County residents prepared for an emergency? Representatives from Public Health will provide statistics.
  • Rural High-Speed Internet Access - An update from CPO 15 Focus Subcommittee
 Mar. 15 Agenda

 Special Joint Meeting with CPO 10


  • An Update from Councilor Kathryn Harrington
  • Chehalem Ridge Park Master Planning - A Discussion with Planner Karen Vitkay of Metro Parks and Nature Department
  • Discussion with Representative Ron Noble
  • High-Speed Internet Update from Frontier Communications
 Jan. 18 Agenda


  • Chehalem Ridge Park
  • Rural High Speed Internet
  • Quake Up



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