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Join your CPO 15 and CPO 12F neighbors at a virtual community meeting:
Wed., Dec. 8, 6-7 pm 

On the agenda:

Welcome and Introductions

Presented by Washington County and the City of Forest Grove
Plan for Highway 47 and Fernhill Intersection


CPO Updates
Presented by your CPO 15 and CPO 12F Leaders

Other Community News





Bring your neighbors and friends! 

CPO 15 now meets only 2-3 times a year. We are organizing interesting speakers of vital interest to the communities of Blooming and Fern Hill. Cookies and conversation always take place at our CPO meetings. Join us!

Many CPO and CCI in-person meetings and events are canceled at this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a precautionary measure being taken to ensure the health and safety of the residents of Washington County. For more information and updates, visit Washington County COVID-19 Webpage.



2021 - Meeting Agendas and Materials 

 Dec. 8
  • Plan for Highway 47 and Fernhill Intersection
    Presented by Washington County and the City of Forest Grove
 Sept. 1  Agenda
  • Chehalem Ridge Nature Park 
  • Westside Rock Quarry
  • Hwy 47 at Fernhill Wetlands
 Apr. 14


  • Westside Rock Quarry Update
  • Other Community Updates



2020 - Meeting Agendas and Materials 

 Oct. 28  Agenda  MEETING CANCELED
  • Westside Rock Quarry Update
 Aug. 5


  • Westside Rock Quarry
    Presentations by the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries, Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), and Washington County
 Mar. 18  Agenda  MEETING CANCELED
  • Fern Hill Rd/Maple St/Hwy 47
    Presented by Renus Kelfkens, Senior Project Manager, Washington County Land Use & Transportation
  • Fire & Emergency Response
    Presented by Fire Chief Michael Kincade and Dan Eischen, Cornelius Rural Fire Protection District Board
  • Public Safety and Library Levies
    Presented by Washington County Sheriff's Office and Cornelius Public Library



2019 - Meeting Agendas and Materials 

 Oct. 16



  • Tualatin Soil and Water Conservation District
    Presentation by Nicole Ruggiero, Rural Program Specialist, and Juli Waarvik, Outreach Specialist.
  • Community Updates
    Westside Rock Quarry truck traffic, intersection of Hwy 47 and Fern Hill Road, Fern Hill Road and Hwy 219/Burkhalter Road, Chehalem Ridge Nature Park
 May 15  Agenda
  • Atfalati Prairie Wetlands
    Presentation by Jennifer Zarnoch
  • Traffic Issues on Blooming Fern Hill Road
    Presentation by Land Use & Transportation
  • Update on Plans for the Intersection of Highway 47 and Fern Hill Road
CPO 10 and 15 drew a big crowd to discuss possible ways to improve the safety of the Hwy 219 and Burkhalter Road intersection.

CPO 15 and CPO 10 drew a large crowd at their April meeting to discuss how to improve the safety of the Hwy 219 and Burkhalter Road intersection. Serious and fatal accidents have occurred at this intersection. Many came to voice their concerns and discuss possible solutions. Traffic engineers from both the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the County were there to answer questions. EVENT FLYER

 Apr. 18  Agenda
 Special Joint Meeting with CPO 10 - Topic:
  • Hwy 219 and Burkhalter Road Intersection
    Presentation and discussion with traffic engineers from the State and the County
 Mar. 27  Agenda
 Special Event - Topic:
  • Community Connect Workshop - Hosted by CPOs 10, 12F and 15
    Katherin Galian of Community Action Organization will provide information about housing assistance programs.
 Jan. 16  Agenda
  • Atfalati Prairie Wetlands
    New Owners: Columbia Land Trust
  • Forest Hills Lutheran Christian School
    New track and field project update.
  • Medicare
    Free help navigating benefits and options.
  • Community Updates
    Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance
    Hwy 47 and Fern Hill Road Intersection
    Westside Rock Hayden Quarry
    Rural High-Speed Internet
    CPO 15 Meeting Dates Discussion



2018 - Meeting Agendas and Materials 

 May 16  Agenda   Topics: 
  • Important Neighborhood Issues
  • Earthquake Preparedness Programs
 Jan. 17   

 No meeting this month. 


2017 - Meeting Agendas and Materials

 Nov. 15   Agenda  Topic: Guest Panelists on Homelessness in Western Washington County
 Sep. 20  Agenda 


  • Washington County Community Corrections
  • Community Updates
  • Frontier Communications
  • CPO 15 Steering Committee Elections
  CPO 15 Meeting Sep 2017

CPO 15 Member Leads Heartfelt Presentation
Dennis Erickson, manager of Washington County Community Corrections, organized and presented a panel of program representatives who introduced participants who told their own personal stories about their transitions to a life free of crime and addiction. Two of the Department's most successful programs were highlighted: Family Sentencing Alternative Program and the Integrated Re-Entry Intensive Supervision and Services Program.

 May 17  Agenda 


  • Emergency Preparedness - Are Washington County residents prepared for an emergency? Representatives from Public Health will provide statistics.
  • Rural High-Speed Internet Access - An update from CPO 15 Focus Subcommittee
 Mar. 15  Agenda

 Special Joint Meeting with CPO 10


  • An Update from Councilor Kathryn Harrington
  • Chehalem Ridge Park Master Planning - A Discussion with Planner Karen Vitkay of Metro Parks and Nature Department
  • Discussion with Representative Ron Noble
  • High-Speed Internet Update from Frontier Communications
 Jan. 18  Agenda


  • Chehalem Ridge Park
  • Rural High Speed Internet
  • Quake Up


2016 - Meeting Agendas and Materials

 Nov. 16  Agenda


  • Wine, Whiskey and the Wild West
    Presented by Authors Ken and Kirs Bilderback
 Sep. 21  Agenda  Notes
 May 18  Agenda


  • Metro's Chehalem Ridge Park Master Planning
  • Quilt Barn Trail of Washington County
 Mar. 16  Agenda


  • Transportation Futures Study
 Jan. 18  Agenda 


  • Chehalem Ridge Park Master Planning
  • Rural High Speed Internet Moving Forward