After 11 Years Peggy Harris Retires as CPO 15 Chair

CPO 15 Chair Peggy Harris

A True Advocate

CPO 15 Chair Peggy Harris is a leader whose heartfelt dedication and leadership have had a positive impact on her community. She leaves behind a long list of CPO 15 accomplishments that have greatly improved the lives of the residents of the communities of Blooming and Fern Hill and the county overall.

Peggy keeps her fellow community members informed and engaged.

Since becoming CPO 15 Chair in 2008, Peggy has worked with fellow CPO 15 leaders and community partners to plan five or six community meetings and events every year.

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It has always been important to Peggy that the CPO 15 community meetings be a place where everyone feels welcome and where dialogues between residents, developers, decision makers and elected officials can happen. 

She arranges for speakers on timely local issues such as transportation, land use, conservation, watershed quality, nature parks, agriculture, bees and pollinators, quarries, the wine and whiskey industries, public safety (including a CPO class), CPO 15 history and more. And Peggy always brings cookies to share!  

She knows how to get it done!

Peggy has become very well known in her community for her hard work, positive outlook and inexhaustible efforts. She has made many valuable partnerships and inspires her fellow community members to become involved.

Under her leadership, CPO 15 has developed a long list of accomplishments:


  • At election time, Peggy helps to ensure that her neighbors are knowledgeable and engaged in the process.
    CPO 15 partners with CPO 10 to hold timely election events, providing an open forum for voter-candidate interaction and ballot measures pros and cons discussions. A candidates forum is coming up in March. Watch for details!  

  • For Peggy, no topic is too hard to tackle.  
    In partnership with CPOs 10, 12C and 13, CPO 15 recently held a large event entitled, "A Rural Discussion on Homelessness" which took a look at the unique problems homelessness has in the rural areas of the county. The event was very well attended with enthusiastic participation from all attendees. Commissioner Bob Terry cited the joint forum as a model program for a CPO. A number of CPOs have since

    In partnership with CPO 10, CPO 15 held a series of panel discussions with Internet providers to address the lack of access to high speed Internet in rural areas of the county. Soon after, the first Frontier installation to service the CPO 10 and 15 communities was completed.

  • Organize it, and thousands will come! 
    Working alongside a fellow CPO 3 leader in 2015, Peggy co-founded Quake Up, an earthquake preparedness community event. Since the first successful event in 2015, Quake Up has become an annual event supported by community partners including the Washington County Department of Emergency Preparedness, local Farmers' Markets, and emergency disaster agencies and service providers. These events have drawn thousands every year to learn about preparing for an earthquake both on an individual and a community level.

  • CPO 15 is a community committed to safety.
    CPO 15 created "CPO 15 Farm Watch" branded signs and installed them in nine locations on roads, serving as a long-lasting mark the community's commitment to public safety.

  • Relationship building between first responders is a priority for CPO 15.
    Every year, Peggy hosts Neighborhood Watch events in partnership with the Washington County Sheriff's Office. The events open communication among neighbors to promote security in the area. In addition, Peggy arranges to have a Sheriff's deputy and a TVF&R representative at every meeting to stay connected to the CPO 15 community, providing attendees with timely updates and answers to their questions.

  • Transportation fixes are an ongoing effort for CPO 15.
    Peggy has brought awareness and problem solving to the issues related to transportation in the CPO 15 community. Due to her ability to engage with County staff, representatives and Commissioners, a signal was installed at the Hwy 47/Elm intersection. CPO 15 signatures were collected requesting increased patrols on Blooming Fern Hill Road.

  • CPO 15 benefits from working closely with local governments, agencies and service districts.
    Peggy has made many connections as CPO 15 Chair. As a result, CPO 15 routinely works as a partner with planners and decision makers on issues that affect members of the Blooming and Fern Hill communities. Metro, for example, sought out CPO 15 in the early planning stages of the Chehalem Ridge Nature Area plan. In addition, CPO 15 has relationships with the cities of Cornelius and Forest Grove, the agencies responsible for Scoggins Dam, Hagg Lake and the Fernhill Wetlands and Treatment Facility.

Peggy will remain an active member of the CPO, and plans to work closely as needed with the new CPO 15 Chair in the transition.