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Note: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, CPO 4B is only holding virtual meetings at this time.  

Your CPO 4K neighbors invite you to join them at their next virtual community meeting: Mon., Apr. 26, 7 pm 

On the agenda:


Public Safety
Washington County Sheriff’s Office

(as resources allow)


Tigard-Tualatin School Board Candidates
On May 18, voters in the Tigard-Tualatin School District will choose the newest three members of the Tigard-Tualatin School Board. Learn about the candidates' platforms.

Director, Position 1:
David Jaimes, Amy Zuckerman, Donna Kreitzberg

Director, Position 2:
Octavio Gonzalez, Tristan Irvin

Director, Position 3:
Marvin Lynn


Eat Smart, Waste Less Program
Presentation by Chris Abosamra, Washington County Waste Prevention Educator

Chris' presentation will focus on how food waste affects the social, economic, and environmental aspects of our society. It will highlight the main project that is the ESWL Challenge.

Eat Smart, Waste Less Challenge
The Challenge is a regional program to reduce food waste at the household level by providing helpful tips, tools and resources. This challenge presents an
opportunity for you to reflect on your own food choices and ecological footprint.
The idea is to learn and adapt to a new life­style where we strive to waste as little food as possible and teach others to do so as well.


Washington Square Regional Center Update Project
Presentation by a community member

Located in Tigard, Beaverton, and unincorporated Washington County, Washington Square is one of eight regional centers in the Metro area. The goal of the WSRC Update Project is to work with residents, businesses, and partner agencies to understand community priorities, respond to emerging market trends, and help facilitate development that is consistent with the local and regional vision for the future. Find out how you can play a role!

Committee for Community Involvement

A brief review will be provided of the Washington County Draft 2021-22 Long Range Planning Work Program and other meeting updates.








Your CPO needs you! Now accepting nominations.

Interested in leadership opportunities? Volunteering with CPO 4B can be very rewarding. A number of positions are open.

Contact Program Coordinator Highland Edelman if interested

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Normally CPO 4B meets on the fourth Thursday of January, February, March, April, May, June, September and October at 7 pm. When in-person, meetings are held at Hudson Plaza, 12950 SW Pacific Hwy, Suite 125, Tigard. All CPO meetings and events are open to the public.



2021 - Meeting Agendas and Materials 

 Apr. 26

 CPO 4K and CPO 4B joint meeting topics:

  • Tigard-Tualatin School Board Candidates
  • Eat Smart, Waste Less Program
  • Washington Square Regional Center Update Project
 Feb. 11
  • River Terrace 2.0 Development Udpate
  • Steering Committee Elections
 Jan. 14
  • CPO 4B Steering Committee Call for Nominations


2020 - Meeting Agendas and Materials 

 Feb. 27  Agenda
  • What's with All the Noise?
    Presentations by Ken Ross with the City of Tigard Code Compliance, Thomas Egleston with Washington County Solid Waste & Recycling and Kerrie Standlee, PE Acoustical Engineer
 Jan. 23  Agenda 
  • Short-term Rentals
    Presentation by Suzanne Savin, Senior Planner with Land Use & Transportation



2019 - Meeting Agendas and Materials 

 Oct. 28  Agenda
  • Significant Natural Resources Report
    Presentation by Planning Staff with the Department of Land Use & Transporations
 Sep. 26  Agenda
  • Special Guest
    Washington County Board Chair Kathryn Harrington
 Jun. 27  Agenda
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 May 24



Safety Handouts

TVF&R Safety

 Apr. 25



  • Meet & Chat
    Meet Tigard City Councilor Heidi Lueb, School District Board Member Terri Burnette, and Tigard Water District Chairman Ken Henschel.
    Alex Bertolucci, Washington County Green Business Advisor
  • Announcements
    CCI-CPO Updates, Land Use Updates, Zombie House Update, Adopt-A-Road Cleanup on April 27
 Mar. 28  Agenda
  • Master Gardener Program Overiew
    Presented by CPO 4B member John Roberts
  • Demographics - Health and Aging: Oregon Health Picture and Emerging Issues
    Presented by Christy Hudson, Policy Analyst, OHA Public Health Division
  • Demographics - Health and Aging: Community Health Improvement Plan; Disability, Aging and Veteran Services
    Presented by Tricia Mortell, Division Manager, Washington County Public Health
 Feb. 28




 Jan. 17  Agenda 
  • New 2019 Deographics Overview (Series Intro)
    PSU Population Reesearch Center on demographic trends from Portland Area to CPO 4B
        Handout: Slide deck from presentation.



 Oct. 25 Agenda  Topics: 

  • Public Safety - standing reports as agency resources allow
  • Land Use and Transportation (LUT) - Melissa De Lyser, Washington County Public Affairs and Communications Manager, will answer common questions about LUT, give a brief overview of LUT processes, and give an update on Roy Rogers Road.
  • CPO Business - officer nominations, bylaws update

 Sep. 27 Agenda
 Note: Special Date! 

 Take a walk with CPO 4B! Join us at 5:30 at the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge for a 1- to 3-mile informal walk. See agenda for details. 

  • Zombie House update
  • Proposed King City UGB Expansion update
  • Washington County Sheriff's Office reports
  • City of Tigard Police Department items: Department directory, upcoming events

 June 18 Agenda 
 Joint Meeting with CPO 4K! at Highlands Clubhouse, 12930 SW Peachvale Street, Tigard


  • Metro Westside Trail - Metro staff will present plans for this trail in our community 
  • Southwest Corridor - Metro staff will present information on the Southwest Corridor Transit Line (aka Max train) 
  • Homeless statistics - a follow-up to our joint meeting in March, 2018
 May 17 Agenda  Topics: 

  • River Terrace & General Updates on COT Planning & Projects
  • Cooper Mountain Study - Washington County Land Use & Transportation
  • CPO 4B Leadership Updates & Involvement Opportunities
  • Land Use Notices
 Mar. 19 Agenda
 Joint Meeting with CPO 4K! at Highlands Clubhouse, 12930 SW Peachvale Street, Tigard

  • Clean Water Services Sewer Line Project - Beef Bend Road and 131st Avenue
  • The Homeless Crisis - Individuals from the Tigard Good Neighbor Center and local law enforcement to discuss the current homeless crisis
 Jan. 18 Agenda 


  • Beef Bend Road closure for CWS sewerline work - CWS representative to discuss project and take audience questions
  • CPO 4B boundary change update
  • Land use update




 Nov. 16 Agenda
  • Disaster Preparedness in Our Community
  • CPO4B Boundary Change Proposal
 Sep. 21 Agenda 


  • Stay Informed, Get Involved in Our Roads for a Thriving, Safe Community 
    Presentation by Steve Franks, Washington County Land Use & Transportation
 Jul. 13 Agenda  Details to come. 
 Apr. 13 Agenda


  • A Discussion with County Commissioner Roy Rogers and Metro Councilor Craig Dirksen
  • Introducing New Police Chief Kathy McAlpine (tentative)
  • Sheriff Updates and Info on Measure 34-272 ESPD Renewal Option Levy
 Jan. 12 Agenda Topic: Updates from Councilor Dirksen and Mayor Cook



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