CPO 4B Meetings



CPO 4B is not holding meetings in November or December. Enjoy your winter holiday!

Due to the evolving COVID-19 situation, all CPO 4B in-person meetings and events have been canceled at this time. This is a precautionary measure being taken to ensure the health and safety of our CPO 4B community members.  

For more information and updates: Washington County COVID-19 Webpage



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CPO 4B now meets on the fourth Thursday of January, February, March, April, May, June, September and October at 7 pm. When in-person, meetings are held at Hudson Plaza, 12950 SW Pacific Hwy, Suite 125, Tigard. All CPO meetings and events are open to the public.



2020 - Meeting Agendas and Materials 

 Feb. 27  Agenda
  • What's with All the Noise?
    Presentations by Ken Ross with the City of Tigard Code Compliance, Thomas Egleston with Washington County Solid Waste & Recycling and Kerrie Standlee, PE Acoustical Engineer
 Jan. 23  Agenda 
  • Short-term Rentals
    Presentation by Suzanne Savin, Senior Planner with Land Use & Transportation



2019 - Meeting Agendas and Materials 

 Oct. 28  Agenda
  • Significant Natural Resources Report
    Presentation by Planning Staff with the Department of Land Use & Transporations
 Sep. 26  Agenda
  • Special Guest
    Washington County Board Chair Kathryn Harrington
 Jun. 27  Agenda
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 May 24



Safety Handouts

TVF&R Safety

 Apr. 25



  • Meet & Chat
    Meet Tigard City Councilor Heidi Lueb, School District Board Member Terri Burnette, and Tigard Water District Chairman Ken Henschel.
    Alex Bertolucci, Washington County Green Business Advisor
  • Announcements
    CCI-CPO Updates, Land Use Updates, Zombie House Update, Adopt-A-Road Cleanup on April 27
 Mar. 28  Agenda
  • Master Gardener Program Overiew
    Presented by CPO 4B member John Roberts
  • Demographics - Health and Aging: Oregon Health Picture and Emerging Issues
    Presented by Christy Hudson, Policy Analyst, OHA Public Health Division
  • Demographics - Health and Aging: Community Health Improvement Plan; Disability, Aging and Veteran Services
    Presented by Tricia Mortell, Division Manager, Washington County Public Health
 Feb. 28




 Jan. 17  Agenda 
  • New 2019 Deographics Overview (Series Intro)
    PSU Population Reesearch Center on demographic trends from Portland Area to CPO 4B
        Handout: Slide deck from presentation.



 Oct. 25 Agenda  Topics: 

  • Public Safety - standing reports as agency resources allow
  • Land Use and Transportation (LUT) - Melissa De Lyser, Washington County Public Affairs and Communications Manager, will answer common questions about LUT, give a brief overview of LUT processes, and give an update on Roy Rogers Road.
  • CPO Business - officer nominations, bylaws update

 Sep. 27 Agenda
 Note: Special Date! 

 Take a walk with CPO 4B! Join us at 5:30 at the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge for a 1- to 3-mile informal walk. See agenda for details. 

  • Zombie House update
  • Proposed King City UGB Expansion update
  • Washington County Sheriff's Office reports
  • City of Tigard Police Department items: Department directory, upcoming events

 June 18 Agenda 
 Joint Meeting with CPO 4K! at Highlands Clubhouse, 12930 SW Peachvale Street, Tigard


  • Metro Westside Trail - Metro staff will present plans for this trail in our community 
  • Southwest Corridor - Metro staff will present information on the Southwest Corridor Transit Line (aka Max train) 
  • Homeless statistics - a follow-up to our joint meeting in March, 2018
 May 17 Agenda  Topics: 

  • River Terrace & General Updates on COT Planning & Projects
  • Cooper Mountain Study - Washington County Land Use & Transportation
  • CPO 4B Leadership Updates & Involvement Opportunities
  • Land Use Notices
 Mar. 19 Agenda
 Joint Meeting with CPO 4K! at Highlands Clubhouse, 12930 SW Peachvale Street, Tigard

  • Clean Water Services Sewer Line Project - Beef Bend Road and 131st Avenue
  • The Homeless Crisis - Individuals from the Tigard Good Neighbor Center and local law enforcement to discuss the current homeless crisis
 Jan. 18 Agenda 


  • Beef Bend Road closure for CWS sewerline work - CWS representative to discuss project and take audience questions
  • CPO 4B boundary change update
  • Land use update




 Nov. 16 Agenda
  • Disaster Preparedness in Our Community
  • CPO4B Boundary Change Proposal
 Sep. 21 Agenda 


  • Stay Informed, Get Involved in Our Roads for a Thriving, Safe Community 
    Presentation by Steve Franks, Washington County Land Use & Transportation
 Jul. 13 Agenda  Details to come. 
 Apr. 13 Agenda


  • A Discussion with County Commissioner Roy Rogers and Metro Councilor Craig Dirksen
  • Introducing New Police Chief Kathy McAlpine (tentative)
  • Sheriff Updates and Info on Measure 34-272 ESPD Renewal Option Levy
 Jan. 12 Agenda Topic: Updates from Councilor Dirksen and Mayor Cook



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