CPO 4M Meetings



All CPO and CCI in-person meetings and events are canceled through May.

Due to the evolving COVID-19 situation, many public meetings and events across the county have been canceled. This is a precautionary measure being taken to ensure the health and safety of the residents of Washington County.

For more information and updates: Washington County COVID-19 Webpage


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CPO 4M meets on the fourth Thursday of the month, 7 p.m., at the Patricia D. Whiting Hall at Metzger Park, 8400 SW Hemlock St., Portland. All members of the Durham, East Tigard and Metzger communities are encouraged to attend! 





 Feb. 26  Agenda
  • Review of Current Land Use Proposed Applications
 Jan. 22  Agenda
  • Significant Natural Resources Report - CPO Comments
  • Willamette Water Supply Update
    Presentation by David Marciniak, Tualatin Valley Water District




 Dec. 18


  • Significant Natural Resources Draft Program Review and Assessment - Comments due by December 31
 Nov. 20  Agenda
  • City of Tigard Planners Present on Two Developments
    Associate Planner Agnes Lindor and Senior Planner Susan Shanks will provide information on the Sears Redevelopment and the Washington Square Regional Center Plan District.
 Oct. 23  Agenda
  • Significant Natural Resource Program Review and Assessment
    Michelle Miller, AICP, Senior Planner, Washington County Department of Land Use & Transportation
 Sep. 25  Agenda
  • Highway 217 Auxiliary Lanes Construction Project
    Presentation by Lili Boicourt, Community Affairs, and Paul Langdale, Region Environmental Coordinator, with the Oregon Department of Trasnportation.

    Project Factsheet  |  Project Soundwalls Factsheet
 Aug. 28  Agenda
  • Notice to Washington County of intent to seek enforcement proceedings regarding lack of compliance with Statewide Goal 5
  • Letter to the Oregonian regarding money in politics and the law
 Jul. 24  Agenda
 Special Guest:
  • Oregon State Representative Margaret Doherty
    The Representative will provide a Legislative Session update.

    Handouts: Letters from Andy Back of LUT
Jun. 15 Agenda


  • Steering Committee Report
    Bylaws, CPO 4M Officer Elections, Current Land Use Applications
  • SW Corridor Light Rail Plans
    Update from Amparo Agosto of TriMet
  • Significant Natural Resources Issue Paper
 Apr. 24  Agenda
  • Lauren Scott, City of Tigard Community Engagement Manager
Jan. 23




  • Steering Committee Report - Bylaws Review
  • CPO 4M members review issues in successful land use appeals regarding Significant Natural Resource (SNR) wildlife areas
  • Discussion of official SNR issue paper to be published Feb./March 2019




 Nov. 28  Agenda   Topics: 
  • Review of Significant Natural Resource (SNR) appeals
  • Upcoming SNR research by DLUT Senior Planner Michelle Miller
  • WCSO Report
  • Holiday Safety
  • Significant Natural Resources
 Sep. 26  Agenda


  • Safety Update and Land Use Applications Review
 July 25  Agenda  Note Special Meeting Location! Quality Inn Portland SW at 11460 SW Pacific Hwy in the Tigard triangle. 

  • SW Corridor Light Rail Plans - Metro's Eryn Kehe to discuss plans and potential community impacts by the light rail (Max) line
  • Steering Committee Report
  • CPO 4M Nominations and Elections
  • Current land use applications
 June 27  Agenda   Topics: 
  • Nominations & Elections of CPO 4M Officers
  • Metzger Park Plans and Changes Update
  • Discussion of current land use applications
 May 23  Agenda   Topics: 
  • Metzger Park Update
  • Significant Natural Resource Areas, Buildable Lands, Flooding and more - City of Tigard and Washington County Land Use & Transportation have been invited to speak
  • Current proposed land use applications 
 Apr. 25  Agenda   Topics: 
  • Public Safety Briefing - from members of local agencies
  • CPO 4M and the Committee for Community Involvement (CCI)
  • CPO 4M Boundary Change Proposals
  • Discussion of current land use applications
 Mar. 28  Agenda 
 Guest speaker: State Representative Margaret Doherty 
 Feb. 28   Agenda

 Topic: Staying on top of land use

 Jan. 24  Agenda 


  • CPO 4M / Committee for Community Involvement
  • Neighborhood meeting re: 4-lot subdivision proposal near Metzger Park
  • Review and discussion of current land use applications



 Nov. 29 Agenda  Topics: 

  • Guest Speaker: Renee Brouse, Executive Director, Tigard's Good Neighbor Center
  • Harold Haynes Achievement Award Nominations
  • Bylaws 
 Oct. 25 Agenda 


  • Planning for Affordable and Needed Housing
    Gordon Howard, Principal Urban Planner, State of Oregon Dept. of Land Conservation and Development 
 Sep. 27 Agenda 


  • SW Corridor Lightrail Update by Metro
  • Clean Water Services: Roles in Development Application Reviews
 Aug. 23 Agenda Topic: Review and Discussion of Current Land Use Applications
 Jul. 26 Agenda


  • A Legislative Update from Representative Margaret Doherty
  • Tualatin River Keepers - Wetlands and Significant Natural Resource Areas
 Jun. 28 Agenda 


  • Metzger Park Planning
  • Proposed Annexations of Unincorporated Islands into the City of Tigard
 May 24 Agenda 


  • Discussion of Metzger Park Visioning Meeting
  • A Look at Proposed Annexations of Unincorporated Islands into City
 Apr. 26 Agenda 


  • Measure 34-272 - Enhanced Sheriff's Patrol District Local Option Levy Renewal
  • Tualatin Valley Water District
 Mar. 27 Agenda 


  • Significant Natural Resource Areas with guest speaker Stephen Shane, Senior Planner in Current Planning, Washington County Department of Land Use &Transportation (download .pdf of presentation)
 Feb. 22 Agenda


  • New TriMet Bus Line
    Presented by TriMet Senior Planner Tom Mills
  • Metzger Park Update
 Jan. 18 Agenda


  • Metzger Park Update



Dec. 21  Agenda  
Nov. 16  Agenda  
Oct. 26  Agenda  
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Aug. 24  Agenda Letter to Clean Water Services
July 19  Agenda  
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Apr. 21  Agenda  Notes
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