CPO 6 Meetings


 Feb. 1 Agenda Topic: Beaverton Urban Growth Boundary - Brian Martin, Long Range Planning Manager, Community Development, City of Beaverton to discuss the city's upcoming urban growth boundary expansion for the Cooper Mountain Urban Reserve area.

 Jan. 4 Agenda 

Topic: Transportation, Etc. - Stephen Roberts with Washington County LUT gives an update on current and upcoming transportation topics.



 Dec. 7 Agenda  Topic: Metro Councilors Kathryn Harrington and Craig Dirksen

 Nov. 2 Agenda 
 Topic: Aloha Tomorrow Project - Update 
   Note: minutes include a handout on the Aloha Tomorrow Project

 Oct. 5 Agenda 


  • Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District - Activities Update
  • CPO 6 Steering Committee 2017 Elections
 Sept. 7 Agenda
 Topic: A Class on Lifesaving Techniques  - presented by TVF&R
 Aug. 3 Agenda

 (meeting cancelled)
 Jul. 6 Agenda

 Topic: An Update: South Cooper Mountain

 Jun. 1 Agenda

 Topic: An Update on South Hillsboro from Newland Communities

 May 4 Agenda


  • Ballot Measure 34-272: Enhanced Sheriff's Patrol District Funding Discussion
  • TVF&R Automated External Defibrillator Program Update
 Apr. 6 Agenda

 Topic: Metro Councilors Kathryn Harrington and Craig Dirksen    

 Mar. 2 Agenda


  • Willamette Water Supply Program
  • Tualatin Valley Water District
 Feb. 2 Agenda Topic: Willamette Water Supply Program
 Jan. 5 Agenda
 Topic: Aloha Tomorrow Project



 Dec. 1 Agenda

 Topic: Hazeldale School Project

 Nov. 3 Agenda
 Oct. 6 Agenda

Notes - Topics: 

  • Parks planning in Aloha
  • Development and roads concerns:
    Kemmer Ridge-175th; 178th & Johnson
  • Eat Smart Waste Less Challenge
  • Tualatin Soil and Water Conservation District levy
  • Election of 2017 CPO 6 officers
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