CPO 7 Meetings


 Jan. 8 Agenda 


  • North Bethany County Service District for Roads (NBCSDR) Budget Subcommittee
  • Tualatin Hills Parks & Recreation - Mike Janin, Superintendent of Security Operations
  • North Bethany Main Street planning update




 Nov. 13  Agenda 


  • Washington County Commissioner Greg Malinowski
  • North Bethany Main Street Planning Update
  • Traffic Around Springville Road - What is going on?
  • 2017 Elections - CPO 7 Steering Committee
 Oct. 9 Agenda

 Topic: Community Conversation With Your Service Providers and CPO 7 Neighbors

 Jul. 10 Agenda 

 Topic: Overview of the Urban Road Maintenance District Safety Projects 

 Jun. 12 Agenda

 Topic: Retail and Commercial Uses Coming to North Bethany Main Street Area

 May 8 Agenda 


  • All About Traffic - Update from Mike Mills of Traffic Engineering, Land Use & Transportation
  • Tualatin Valley Water District - Presentation by Jim Meierotto
 Apr. 11 Agenda

 Topic: Candidates Forum

  • Beaverton School District Board
  • Tualatin Hills Parks and Rec District Board
 Mar. 13 Agenda


  • Kaiser Road Bike Lane Project by Project Manager Renus Kelfkens with the Department of Land Use & Transportation
  • Metro Councilor Kathryn Harrington: Metro's unanimous resolution to support "stability, opportunity, safety and justice for all of those living in our shared region," plus updates on natural areas, transportation, economic development and other topics.
 Feb. 13 Agenda

 Topic: School Overcrowding


  • Washington County Department of Land Use & Transportation
  • Beaverton School District


 Watch the meeting:

 CPO 7 Feb 2017 Mtg Video

 Jan. 9





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