CPO 8 Leadership


CPO 8 Steering Committee

The CPO 8 Steering Committee is made up of volunteers who live in and/or own a business or property in the Helvetia, Mountaindale, North Hillsboro and North Plains areas. They are elected by their fellow community members (see Elections below) to stay on top of the issues, deliver informative community meetings and events, and represent their communities at public hearings, neighborhood meetings, public events, etc.


Steering Committee Members:

  • Henry Oberhelman - Chair, CCI Rep

(Open positions: Vice Chair, Secretary, CCI Rep)


Steering Committee Elections
CPO 8 Steering Committee elections are held every year. Nominations are usually accepted during the two-month period prior to elections. If you are interested, contact CPO 8 Chair Henry Oberhelman or Community Engagement Manager Amanda Garcia-Snell. Find out more about the CPO 8 Steering Committee requirements and functions in the CPO 8 Bylaws



Volunteer for CPO leadership!

Interested in becoming a CPO 8 leader?

Being involved in your local CPO on a leadership level is a rewarding experience that offers many opportunities and perks.     MORE INFO


Make a difference!
Find out first hand about all of the issues affecting the Helvetia, Mountaindale, North Hillsboro and North Plains communities. Get the personal satisfaction of helping to improve your community.

Build relationships with community members and leaders.

Develop and use your skills!
Practice leadership skills such as meeting facilitation, community engagement methods, public policy development. Gain a better understanding of how government operates and the mechanisms to influence policiy.


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