CPO 8 Meetings



CPO 8 is not holding meetings at this time.

All CPO and CCI in-person community meetings and events have been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a precautionary measure being taken to ensure the health and safety of the residents of Washington County. For more information and updates, visit the Washington County COVID-19 Webpage.


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CPO 8 meets to discuss timely local issues. When meeting are scheduled, CPO 8 meets on the second Thursday of the month, 7 p.m., at TVF&R Station 17, 31370 NW Commercial St., North Plains. All CPO meetings and events are open to the public. Get meeting updates.



2020 - Meeting Agendas and Materials 

 Mar. 12  Agenda
  • 2020 Legislative Session
    Special guest: State Representative Janeen Sollman
 Feb. 13  Agenda
  • Late Night Vehicle Racing Enforcement Efforts
    Presentation by Washington County Sheriff's Office
  • Draft Annual Work Program
    Presentation by Washington County Land Use & Transportation



2019 - Meeting Agendas and Materials 

 Oct. 10  Agenda
  • A Visit with Your State Representative
    CPO 8 is pleased to host a community discussion with State Representative Janeen Sollman.     
 Sep. 12  Agenda
  • Ordinance 856: Community Development Code (CDC) Amendments - Telecommunications Facilities
    Presented by Carine Arendes, Associate Planner, LUT
  • Ordinance 859: Community Development Code (CDC) Amendments - Accessory Dwelling Units
    Presented by Therea Cherniak, Principal Planner, LUT
 Aug. 8  Agenda
 Special Guests
  • Washington County Board Commissioners Pam Treece and Jerry Willey
 Jun. 13  Agenda
  • Cornelius Pass Road Safety Improvements Project
  • Mike Pullen of Multnomah County will present information on the upcoming closure of Cornelius Pass Road. 
  • Washington County Transportation Plan
  • Washington County Senior Planner for Long Range Transportation, Steve Kelley, will present on the transportation aspects of Washington County’s Annual Work Plan. 
  • Handouts
 May 9  Agenda
  • John Drummer, Clean Water Services Engineering Project Manager for the Tualatin Joint Project
    Presentation/discussion on the current state of the Scoggins Valley Dam modification for Seismic proofing.
  • Mike Pullen, Multnomah County (UPDATE: Will attend in June instead)
    Presentation on the Cornelius Pass Road Project
 Mar. 14  Agenda
 Guest Speaker:
  • Metro Councilor Juan Carlos Gonzalez
 Feb. 21    Meeting canceled.
 Jan. 10  Agenda
  • Details to come.


2018 - Meeting Agendas and Materials

 Dec. 13  Agenda   Topics: 
  • CPO 8 Planning for 2019
  • Land Use & Transportation
    Melissa De Lyser, Public Affairs and Communications Manager with Washington County DLUT, will present Frequently Answered Questions.
 Nov. 8  Agenda  Topics: 
  • Fair Complex
    Deputy County Administrator Sia Lindstrom will give an update on the plans.
  • Hillsboro Airport
    Port of Portland staff will provide information on the changes planned for the airport.
 Jul. 12  Agenda   Topics: 
  • Kitchen Table Discussion with Commissioner-Elect Pam Treece
    Second in series.
  • Annexation of Parcel into Metro UGB
    For connection of sanitary sewer service. Learn more.
 Jun. 14  Agenda   Topics: 
  • Kitchen Table Discussion with District 4 Commissioner Jerry Willey
  • Emergency Preparedness
    John Wheeler, Washington County Emergency Management Supervisor
 May 10  Agenda 


  • Hillsboro Airport
    A discussion with the Port of Portland. 
 Apr. 12  Agenda


  • Candidates Forum
    Washington County Board of Commissioners Districts 2 and 4 races
 Mar. 8

 Draft minutes


 Feb. 8  Agenda
  • Traffic in Rural CPOs
  • Washington County Land Use & Transportation
    Review of Annual Work Plan
 Handout - WCSO Report


    No January meeting


2017 - Meeting Agendas and Materials

 Dec. 14

Draft  minutes


  • Exotic Animals Ordinance 
    (proposed to Board of Commissioners)
  • Planning for 2018 at CPO 8
    Project and plans discussion.
  • Call for CPO 8 Nominations  


 May 11  Agenda 


  • Community Topics Discussion
    Metro's Urban Management Planning, Water Management, Transportation Infrastructure
 Apr. 13  Agenda


  • Finding the Balance - A Panel Discussion
    Finding the balance between the preservation of farmland and the values that it represents, and the property rights of land owners impacted by nearby land use changes. Panel includes two prominent local farmers, a representative of the Northwest Alliance and a representative of Save Helvetia.
 Mar. 9  Agenda


  • Hillsboro Airport Planning for Development
  • Share the Road (Part 2): Sheriff's Office - Let's Get Acquainted
 Feb. 9  Agenda


  • County Community Engagement Program
  • Traffic Monitoring in CPO 8