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Volunteering for CPO Leadership

CPO 15 Chair Peggy Harris interview with KOIN 6

Why get involved? What are the benefits?
Participating at a leadership level in your Community Participation Organization and civic life can be very rewarding.

Playing a Leading Role

Participating at a leadership level in your CPO and civic life can be exhilarating, fun and challenging. Satisfaction comes when voices have been heard in processes and decision making, and benefits occur from healthy relationships and communication between people and the organizations serving the community.

CPO leaders host community meetings which provide a place for representatives of Washington County and service district providers to visit your community with information on a wide range of livability topics. The meetings cover police/fire, parks/recreation, roads/transportation, emergency/disaster preparedness, public health, human services and more. The meetings also provide an objective space for discussion with elected leaders and forums on candidates and ballot measures.



CPO 4B Leaders Bonnie and Lisa

Making Connections

As a CPO leader, you will have the opportunity to meet community leaders and become better known within your community. The experience can lead to serving on appointed advisory committees or holding elected office.



Leadership Trainings

Learning New Skills

The CPO Program provides trainings on meeting facilitation, agenda planning, group process, community engagement methods, public policy development and leadership development. In addition, you may gain a better understanding of how government operates and the mechanisms used to influence policies and practices.


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