About the CPO Program

Our Vision
Individuals and their Washington County communities will be meaningfully engaged in collaborative, dynamic processes of open and responsive government.

Our Mission
To encourage and empower public involvement.


Community Involvement-Volunteering at Quake Up 2015

It's all about community involvement.

Engaging in the civic life of your community is a way to promote what you value and help improve the quality of life in your community. Your CPO conducts informative and engaging public meetings and events where all are welcome. Attending your CPO meetings keeps you informed about matters of local and countywide interest, provides you with help to resolve a situation, and shows you how to become more involved and influential in your community.

CPO-Working together at candidates forum. 

What can my CPO do for me that I cannot do on my own?

Washington County government departments, elected officials and other agencies look to CPOs as places to provide information, gather public input and assess the level of interest or concern about particular issues. CPO meeting agendas are set by CPO leaders with input from meeting participants, government and agency representatives, elected officials and community leaders. As a result, agenda topics reflect the most important emerging or ongoing issues impacting the CPO area. 

CPOs also provide a place for anyone to raise an issue or concern about their community. Decision makers consider what they hear from CPOs. Building strong working relationships with staff and elected officials helps CPOs become more effective in achieving some of the changes that the members of the communities they serve desire.

In addition, CPO representatives are provided additional time to speak on behalf of their CPOs when presenting oral testimony at public hearings before the Washington County Board of Commissioners or the Planning Commission.

Volunteer Tabling at Fair 

How do I become a CPO member or volunteer?

CPO Membership
Anyone who lives or owns property or a business within the CPO boundary is eligible to be a CPO member. Individuals who regularly attend their CPO meetings and subscribe to receive CPO news and updates are considered CPO members. Members are encouraged to reach out to others in their community to let them know about their CPO. Active members attend meetings, participate in discussions, and vote according to voting eligibility requirements set forth in each CPO's bylaws. 

CPO Leadership
Participating in your CPO and civic life can be a rewarding experience. For example, you can work with others in your community to get speed bumps on a busy street or advocate for filling sidewalk gaps or improving a dangerous intersection. You can learn where to turn to resolve neighborhood disputes and suggest approaches to community involvement for different types of projects. You can impact policy and code through long-term planning and the ordinance process.