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CR The CPO Program

Washington County CPOs are made up of members of a community who work together to make their community better.

For more than 40 years, Community Participation
have provided Washington County
residents the opportunity to contribute to the decision
making processes of local and county government.



Giving the residentds of Washington County a voice in what happens in the communities is fundamental to effective community development.

CPOs have an important role to play in the County.

Washington County looks to the
13 CPOs that make up the CPO Program to gather input, assess public interest or concern, and provide feedback and ideas about emerging and ongoing issues. See map.


CPO Mission:
Encourage and Empower Public Involvement

CPOs are led by volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to making a difference in their neighborhoods and communities. Working together, CPO leaders and their fellow neighbors who participate in CPO activities are better able to affect the change that happens around them.

There are many ways for Washington County residents to participate.

Start by signing up to receive information about your local CPO events. You will soon learn that you can have an impact on what does and doesn't happen in your community!


Join your neighbors at your local CPO meeting. Take a survey while riding the MAX home from work. Grab a cup of coffee and visit an online open house. Send in your comments on a proposed development. Share your throughts about an issue at a public hearing.




CPO Connections to information, people and opportunities!

 Get connected! To information, people, opportunities.


Attend your local CPO meetings. Find my CPO Sign up for CPO updates! CPO Calendar of Meetings and Events


Sign up to get the County's community engagement events and opportunities! Sign up for CPO email news and updates! Follow what is happening in your neighborhood!


At CPO meetings, meet and interact with decision makers. Get connected to the information, people and opportunities!