Resources and Tools for CPO Leaders

Volunteer CPO leaders tabling at the County Fair


CCI Chair Kathy Stallkamp Letter to CPO Leaders on COVID-19

Education and Training

Annual Trainings
Community Engagement holds annual leadership trainings for current leaders and those interested in volunteering for CPO leadership positions. Upcoming training event information to come.

Zoom CPO User Guide

Informative guide for your CPO members on how to join any of the CPO events from home by phone, computer, laptop, or tablet.



CPO Marketing Toolkit

The Toolkit provides marketing and branding guidelines, logos and other graphic elements, messaging, communications materials and tools, display materials and samples. Use this toolkit as a reference for requesting logo graphics, other graphics, templates, letterhead and other materials from your program coordinator.

Agenda Templates - Fillable PDFs: 1  3  4B  4K  4M  6  7  8  10  12C  12F  13  15


Order Form for Materials that Support Individual CPO Activities
The items on this Order Form are available for purchase by CPOs through the Community Engagement Office. Name badges, business cards, projectors and projector screens are paid for by the Community Engagement Program. Display table tablecloths, A-frame and H-frame signs, additional name badges, additional business cards and other items not on the list may be paid for by request with Special Project Funds (request form below).

Sample Business Card  |  Sample Signage  |  Sample Tablecloth


Here are a number of publications that are helpful to use as handouts at your CPO meetings and events, tabling events, etc. 

Flyer - About CPOs: General
Flyer - About CPOs: 1  3  4B  4K  4M  6  7  8  10  12C  12F  13  15
Flyer - About Boards & Commissions (updated version coming)



Special Project Fund
Every year, the County allocates money for CPOs to use toward special educational events, outreach activities or community projects. To use the funds, there is a formal application process that has to be completed. In the Special Project Fund Packet you will find the project criteria, application, and process for securing Special Project Funds for your CPO. The current amount is $250 per CPO per year.



Use this form when submitting your meeting and event agendas. 

Community Meeting - Short Agenda: 1  3  4B  4K  4M  6  7  8  10  12C  12F  13  15
Community Meeting - Long Agenda:
1  3  4B  4K  4M  6  7  8  10  12C  12F  13  15

Parking Passes
When CPO and CCI leaders attend meetings and events at Washington County facilities within the City of Hillsboro Washington County campus, much of the available parking is time limited to two-hour parking spots. If you are attending an event that does last more than two hours, please refer to the CPO Volunteer Parking Permit Procedures, the How to Use Your Parking Permit and the Campus Map for the procedure regarding when a limited-duration parking permit can be issued to volunteers.















Can't come up with a topic for your next agenda?

List of current topics:

By Tim Davis, County Housing Rehab Specialist

By Allison Brown, Senior Deputy DA
Internet Scams, Elder Abuse

By CWS staff 
Shannon Huggins and Chris White
Overview of programs and processes

Contact your program coordinator for more information and contacts.