Wondering how you can make a difference?
Get connected to your local CPO!

There are many ways to participate in the decision making processes that affect you and your family where you live and work. When you get involved in your local CPO, you can find out what is happening in your community, join your neighbors in an exchange of ideas, and learn about the opportunities to make a difference in how your community develops, improves and grows.


Join your neighbors at your local CPO meeting to find out what is happening in your community!


Ways to Participate

Meet your neighbors at your next local CPO meeting.

Your CPO conducts informative and engaging community meetings and events where neighbors are encouraged to gather to talk about local issues. Guest speakers present information and updates regarding timely matters that affect your community. In addition, CPO meetings provide a forum where neighbors work together to formulate ideas and positions to present to County decision makers.

  • If you have not yet been to one of your local CPO meetings and you would like to know which CPO is in your area, find it on the CPO Map.
  • Follow your local CPO meeting schedule on the CPO Calendar.
  • Learn more about CPO meetings. Contact the CPO Chair or Community Engagement Program Coordinator if you have any questions.


Volunteer with your local Community Participation Organization.
There are many opportunities and advantages to volunteering with your local CPO, such as holding leadership and committee positions, making networking connections, meeting and working with community leaders, growing leadership and organizational skills through trainings, and gaining a better understanding of how government operates and the mechanisms available to influence policies and practices.


Share your thoughts about proposed projects and plans.

There are a number of ways to do this. Online surveys are one of the quickest ways to let the County, State, other agencies and service districts know what you think about proposed plans and projects. Community planning, projects and programs oftentimes include comment periods at which time you are asked to submit your input and ideas. Public meetings and hearings, where a wide range of information is presented, reviewed and voted on, provide opportunities for you to give a written or an oral personal statement of your views on a topic, referred to as public testimony.


Attend a community event about proposed developments and planning.

Open houses are great opportunities to learn about proposed projects and future planning from County and agency staff directly involved. They provide a forum where the public can ask questions and provide feedback directly to planners and project managers. Neighborhood meetings are held by developers regarding proposed land developments. They are required by the County during the permiting process. They are another good way to engage with developers and others involved in proposed projects.

  • Subscribe to the County's Land Use & Transportation email publication, LUT News, to receive weekly notice of all upcoming open houses and neighborhood meetings in Washington County.
  • Regularly check your Community Engagement Events Calendar for open houses and other community events where you can learn from project staff and planners about current and upcoming projects and proposals. Sign up to receive event udates on the County's LUT Open House/Comment Opportunities Calendar.

Serve on a board, committee or commission.
The County, other government agencies and service districts provide appointed boards, committees and commissions as ways for community members to volunteer their time, talents and experience in areas that interest them. These opportunities are a good way to participate in decisions that affect you and to learn more about how local government works. Members provide their expertise, receive public concerns and review policies and regulations to support the essential role of advising elected officials, agencies and other oversight bodies on critical community issues such as service priorities, resource distribution, community planning, and more.

  • Find information, including volunteer opportunities, on more than 30 Washington County boards, committees and commissions.
  • Regularly check your Community Engagement Events Calendar for volunteer opportunities posted in the sidebar.
  • Regularly check your CPO webpage. Many opportunities are posted in the sidebar or in the News section.


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