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Washington County CPO Program

CPO Program tagline - Neighbors Working Together!

What happens when neighbors get involved in
the planning and development of the
communities where they live and work?

The answer is simple:
Communities thrive!




People take pride in what they build.
When neighbors work together, communities grow together.


Washington County is made up of great communities that serve their residents well.

Whether you live in the heart of the bustle in the city of Beaverton or on a farm in the hills of Gaston, how much you enjoy where and how you live makes a difference. Housing, education, business and jobs, access to good and services, social and leisure activities, environment, natural features and a sense of belonging are the livability issues that bring neighbors together in their local Community Participation Organizations (CPOs).

Currently there are thirteen active regionally-based CPOs in Washington County. Do you know which CPO is your CPO? If not, find your CPO!

When decisions are being made about the livability issues in your neighborhood, you can play a role!

Led by volunteers who are elected by members of the communities they serve, CPOs provide a place for neighbors to meet and address local issues together. Your CPO is your community engagement connection to information, people and opportunities. Don't miss another opportunity to contribute to the decision making that affects you and your community. Everyone is welcome!

CPOs hold regular community meetings and events. Drop in to the next CPO meeting in your neighborhood and find out what is happening in your community. Check your CPO Calendar of Events.


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