About CPO Meetings

CPO 4K March 2019 meeting


Most CPOs meet monthly. Prepared and hosted by volunteer CPO leaders, meetings include informative presentations by guest speakers on important current topics that affect the communities served by each CPO.


Topics may include:

  • Election Issues
    During election season, CPOs hold candidate forums where community members meet their candidates, ask them questions and learn how they stand on the issues. CPOs also provide balanced presentations on ballot measures at their meetings.

  • Community Safety
    Regular updates are provided at meetings by local law enforcement and fire department representatives. More in depth safety topics are presented by guest speakers.

  • Transportation
    CPO leaders work closely with the County's Department of Land Use & Transportation to stay on top of current and proposed transportation projects. A wide range of topics on transportation are presented often at CPO meetings, from long-term planning to traffic safety issues. The Department regularly seeks and values input from CPOs on community transportation needs and project direction.  

  • Land Developments
    Keeping community members informed about proposed residential and commercial developments and planning is an important role of CPOs. CPOs receive notices about proposed developments and are asked to provide input before decisions are made. Notices of proposed changes to County codes that involve land use are also received by CPOs. Community planners and project staff present at CPO meetings often. 

  • Other Livability Issues
    Housing, parks, environment, health, education, business and jobs, access to goods and services, social and leisure activities and other timely topics affecting how and where people live are also presented and discussed at CPO meetings.

  • General Concerns of Community Members
    A CPO meeting is an ideal place to bring community concerns, where neighbors work together to address topics and issues that affect them and their communities!


Everyone is welcome at CPO meetings. Because CPOs serve in an advisory role to the County, their leaders are informed about current and emerging issues in addition to resources, upcoming community events and opportunities to participate in decision making processes that affect their CPO communities. To vote on a motion at a meeting, one needs to live or own property or a business within the CPO boundary and meet other requirements for voting members in the CPO bylaws.


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