Transition Planning Team Final Report

Release date: 01/06/2016
Sponsored by: County Administrative Office, Community Engagement Division

Facilitators Joe Hertzberg and Holly Van Houten of Solid Ground Consulting issued their final report today to the County Board of Commissioners regarding future public participation models and strategies for Washington County. The report culminates the work of a 13-member committee charged with helping Washington County explore a range of public participation approaches.

The Community Participation Transition Planning Team will convene jointly with the Washington County Board of Commissioners to discuss the report at the Washington Street Conference Center, 255 South First Avenue in Hillsboro at 8:30 a.m. on January 12, 2016.

The Community Participation Transition Planning Team includes individuals currently involved in the Citizen Participation Organization program, professional community involvement practitioners, representatives from city, county and special district organizations and individuals representing historically under-represented communities. The transition process was prompted in the fall of 2014 when OSU Extension Service announced that it was re-evaluating its strengths and role and would no longer administer Washington County's program supporting Citizen Participation Organizations (CPOs).

The final report is available on the Transition Planning Team's website, along with audio files and other materials from the group's work so far. That web address is:

The public is encouraged to make comments or ask questions throughout the transition process. Community input will be gathered by sending email to or by calling 503-846-8685.

Media Contact:

Philip Bransford, Communications Officer