Civic Leadership and Capacity Building

The Civic Leaders Project is now taking applications to participate!

The Civic Leaders Project
Reaching Underrepresented Communities

In 2017 a unique partnership was formed between Washington County and Adelante Mujeres to develop a training project that focuses on historically underrepresented communities within the County. The project includes a series of trainings that take place over a five-week period, providing an understanding of County government structures and the rights of community members to participate in decisions that may impact their lives.

Participants leave the program better equipped with the know-how and the tools to access a full range of opportunities to participate and engage in decision making processes by government, agencies and service providers that affect them, their families and their communities.


Project Specifics

County and agency staff bring their expertise, knowledge and experience to such topics as county services and processes, civil rights and responsibilities, environmental justice, civic engagement and more.


Photo spread for Trainin II piece

The final training session takes place in the Washington County Board of Commissioners public meeting hall where members of the Board spend time with the participants, explaining the importance of providing effective public testimony at public hearings and sharing some pointers and tips. The training wraps up with a number of participants presenting public testimonies at an actual Board hearing. Visit the 2017-18 Project page for training examples.


 Training I

Cohort of Civic Leaders

Program participants are identified through coordination with non-profits and community-based organizations that work with historically underrepresented communities. Cohorts usually consist of approximately 20 Washington County residents from a wide range of backgrounds.

Project information, including how to become a participant in future projects, can also be found on the Adelante Mujeres project website

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A Participant Shares His Experience

Blake shares his story, how he came to be interested in the project and how it has helped him.

Blake was on a mission to change things, not just for himself, but for his community. Although he had an educational background in public administration, he could not find opportunities to get involved. When Blake heard about the Civic Leaders Project, he applied. FULL STORY by Adelante Mujeres.



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