Community Engagement Program

The Community Engagement Program provides community members and County staff with options to improve communication between the community and County; volunteer and community education and leadership development; and public involvement and volunteer opportunities.


The program is multifaceted:

CPO Program
Maintain and enhance support for the volunteer-led and geographically-based Community Participation Organizations (CPOs) and the program's coordinating group, the Committee for Community Involvement (CCI).

Departmental and Program Support
Coordinate public involvement efforts across the County's departments and divisions, providing staff with the additional engagement tools and resources to improve participation by community members in decision-making that may impact their lives.

Cross-Jurisdictional Coordination
Increase coordination with cities and service providers to better inform communities about countywide issues and aspirations.

Recognition and Acknowledgement of Organizations Representing Communities of Interest and Identity
Create pathways for increased participation from community-based and non-profit organizations representing historically under-represented communities.



Amanda Garcia-Snell, Program Manager | 503-846-6285

Tricia Kennedy, Senior Administrative Specialist | 503-846-6284