Public Involvement Resources

The Community Engagement (CE) Program is continually developing tools and resources, as well as providing best practices to County departments, divisions, and program staff to enhance public engagement opportunities and experiences.

Language Assessment

Every public engagement effort starts with an understanding of the community audience that has the right to participate in the decisions. One key step is evaluating what languages are necessary to reach that audience within the geography of that particular project or initiative.

This interactive map provides a first step for assessing primary, secondary and third-level languages used at home by Census Block (derived from current Census data).

Additional language assessment information may also be derived from schools and other agencies providing services within the project’s geographic area.

Limited English Assistance Plan (LEAP)

The Community Engagement Program and County Administrative Office staff are working collaboratively drafting an approach to better serve community members with limited English proficiency. LEAP is currently under development and will be an additional resource to County staff. The plan also is a significant element in the County's adopted Title VI Civil Rights Act of 1964 Compliance Plan.


Westside Voices

Westside Voices is an online survey tool available to all County departments and divisions. The surveys are administered by a third party (which also assists in the development of questions) with responses collected and provided back to the department staff. This tool is a collaboration with Clean Water Services and Tualatin Valley Water District. For more information, email Amanda Garcia-Snell.


Public Involvement Plans

A public involvement (PI) plan provides the foundation of all outreach and engagement efforts. It is the roadmap by which to identify potentially impacted stakeholders, the geography of a project or initiative, the extent of information that needs to be conveyed, languages needed to support all communities, and community opportunities to participate in the discussions.

Public Involvement Guidelines for Transportation Planning Programs and Projects
Large projects benefit from the information provided in this guide. Although crafted for long-range transportation efforts, it provides all the necessary details for a complete PI plan for any effort.

Washington County Public Involvement Plan Simplified Version
For smaller efforts, Community Engagement staff crafted this simplified PI planning guide to address similar attributes on a more appropriate scale. It is suitable for small, local projects and outreach where the timeframe or geographic scope is very limited.