Policies & Rules

A variety of rules and policies govern how Washington County conducts day-to-day business under the structure and authority provided in the County Charter. The following documents set the standards and practices by which County employees operate.


Civil Rights

As a guiding principle, Washington County strives to treat all people with dignity, honesty and respect. We intend to demonstrate through our actions an understanding and appreciation for cultural diversity and individual differences. We will not tolerate harassment or discrimination.

Employment Rules and Policies

Washington County has developed and implemented a number of rules, regulations, and policies to provide a framework for management staff and employees in fulfilling the mission of providing services to the citizens and customers of Washington County. They are intended to provide a prudent and practical framework for dealing with major operational issues in a coordinated and consistent manner. Employment policies include:

Facilities Use and Access

Washington County makes its facilities available and accessible for appropriate activities that do not infringe upon nor interfere with the primary purpose for which these buildings and grounds are intended. County policy governs the use of facilities during and after normal business hours.


Fees for County Services

Each year, the Board of Commissioners adopts an annual schedule of user fees charged for various County services. The fee schedule is prepared by the Finance Division of the Support Services Department.


Public Records Policy

The County seeks to ensure that all requests for public records are handled consistent with applicable public records laws.  We seek to implement this policy in a manner that minimizes the impact on County workload and resources.


Protecting Personal Privacy

As a matter of principle, Washington County will act in accordance with the law, with integrity and in the public interest. Lawfully maintaining the privacy of the public served by the County is a clear application of this principle. Several County policies address protecting privacy.


Purchasing Guidelines

As one of the largest purchasers of goods and services in the area, Washington County seeks to obtain maximum value for each tax dollar spent, ensure that contracts are based upon fair and open competitive bidding methods and that purchases are made in strict compliance with all applicable laws and rules.