Staff & Services

Washington County's Charter provides for a council-manager form of government, giving the five-member Board of County Commissioners legislative responsibility and designating administrative authority to a Board-appointed professional county administrator. Here are the staff assignments within the County Administrative Office.

County Administrator, Assistants and Deputies

County Administrator Tanya Ange
Assistant County Administrator Erin Calvert
Interim Assistant County Administrator Rachael Fuller
Assistant County Administrator Marni Kuyl
Assistant County Administrator David Martinez
Interim Assistant County Administrator Sia Lindstrom
Executive Assistant Brenda Siragusa
Senior Program Coordinator Dorian Russell

The County Charter directs the Board to appoint a county administrator who shall be responsible to the Board of County Commissioners for the continuous administration of the affairs of county government. Erin, Sia, Rachael and Marni assist the county administrator in carrying out these duties. 

Rachael oversees Land Use and Transportation, Cooperative Library Services, Economic Development, Westside Commons (formerly the Fair Complex) and the County Watermaster. Rachael also assists with the ongoing implementation of the Design the Future initiative and support the organization as a community-focused strategic planning process begins later this year.

Economic Development, Facilities and Parks Services, Finance, Fleet Services, Information Technology Services, Sustainability and Westside Commons (formerly the Fair Complex). Rachael also oversees County Administrative Office operations.

Erin works with the departments and offices within the Public Safety & Justice functional area of county government, including Community Corrections, District Attorney's Office, Justice Court, Juvenile Services, Law Library, Sheriff's Office and the Washington County Circuit Court. Erin also oversees the assistants to members of the Board of County Commissioners. Finally, Erin serves as the liaison to County Counsel, County Auditor’s Office and the Watermaster.

Marni has responsibility over departments such as Assessment and Taxation, Community Development, Health and Human Services and Housing Services.

David oversees the divisions of Facilities and Parks Services, Fleet Services, Information Technology Services and the County’s Sustainability Program. David also supervises County Administrative Office operations, government relations, staff assistants to the Board of County Commissioners and is the liaison with the offices of County Counsel and the County Auditor.

Sia manages a portfolio of projects that include Washington County’s response to and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, the cooperative arrangement of multiple agencies in the Emergency Medical System Alliance, the county’s efforts to address encampments and shelters for those experiencing houselessness, assisting in the development of new boundary lines for the four Board of County Commissioners districts and helping transition the County Administrative Office as new assistant county administrators and other personnel are appointed.  

Brenda Siragusa provides administrative and other support to the chair of the Board of County Commissioners and the county administrator. 

Dorian Russell coordinates the county’s federally funded COVID-19 response and recovery efforts on behalf of the County Administrative Office.

Board of County Commissioners Staff

Senior Staff Assistant to the Chair of the Board Daniel Nava
Staff Assistant Megan McKibben
Staff Assistant Brenda Bartlett

This team provides support to four of the five members of the Board of Commissioners. Daniel assists Chair Harrington. Megan assists Commissioners Pam Treece and Jerry Willey. Brenda assists Commissioner Nafisa Fai. Duties include constituent relations, schedule coordination, communications and speech writing, among other responsibilities.

Economic Development

Economic Development Manager Matt Craigie
Economic Development Program Specialist Greg Goloborodko

Matt and Greg work to create and implement economic development plans, programs and services which promote economic prosperity. While supporting a strong, equitable and inclusive economy countywide, the county’s economic development programming focuses on unincorporated Washington County and its smaller cities, recognizing that larger cities have their own economic development staff. Building wealth in historically disadvantaged communities is also a priority.

Government Relations

Government Relations Manager Erin Doyle
Government Relations Manager Paige Spence

This team is responsible for performing analysis of legislative issues and advocating for the Washington County government at the municipal, regional, state and federal levels. The team represents, negotiates and advocates for Washington County's legislative agenda and other public policy interests.

Office of Equity, Inclusion and Community Engagement

Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer Latricia Tillman
Equity Policy Manager Ashley Horne 
Civil Rights Coordinator Sean Hartfield
Supplier Diversity Coordinator Kittie Kong

Community Engagement Manager Amanda Garcia-Snell
Community Engagement Program Coordinator Christina Barboza
Community Engagement Program Coordinator Highland Edelman
Community Engagement Program Coordinator Marcus Ford

Community Engagement Program Coordinator, Supportive Housing Services Ty Schwoeffermann
Supportive Housing Services Housing Justice Coordinator Jeannine Smith
Program Specialist Lewis Ferguson
Program Specialist Carol Renaud
Senior Administrative Specialist Tricia Kennedy

This team is responsible for leading the County organization’s equity, diversity and inclusion efforts with a focus on developing policies and practices that support equitable outcomes for Washington County community members. This includes promoting equitable access to services, as well as equitable quality of service delivery. To achieve equity, this team will promote diversifying the organization's workforce, developing organizational cultural competency and culturally specific program options, advancing civil rights policies and programs, promoting procurement with minority- and woman-owned businesses and engaging Washington County’s diverse community to engage in shared problem solving. The team also coordinates and supports Washington County's broad community engagement efforts including Board Town Halls, the Community Participation Organization (CPO) program and community engagement focused on the Supportive Housing Services program.  

Public Affairs and Communications

Communications Officer Philip Bransford
Public Affairs and Communications Coordinator Julie McCloud
Public Affairs and Communications Coordinator Silvia Pereida
Public Affairs and Communications Coordinator Emily Roots
Public Records and Constituent Response Coordinator Mary Hartshorn
Multimedia Video Production Specialist Darren Aevermann 
Graphic Designer Sherry Jirles

This team is responsible for leading and coordinating organization-wide communication efforts as guided by Board of Commissioner goals and objectives and as directed by the County Administrator. Media relations and community involvement services are also provided by departments for programs and initiatives within their missions and areas of service.

Administrative Support

Executive Office Supervisor Angie Aguilar
Clerk of the Board Kevin Moss
Management Analyst (Alternate Clerk) Ana Noyola
Administrative Specialist Janet Wells-Berg

This team is responsible for administrative and clerical support to the Board of Commissioners and County Administrative Office, including meeting notification, agenda publication, minute taking, records archiving and other special projects.