A Message from Sheriff Garrett

Release date: 10/30/2012
Sponsored by: Board of Commissioners

Washington County Sheriff Pat Garrett has recorded a special message for residents of the Enhanced Sheriff's Patrol District. It relates to Measure 34-198 which would continue an enhanced level of police emergency response within the urban communities outside of cities.  

The measure would maintain current service levels within the Enhanced Sheriff's Patrol District by replacing a levy expiring in June of 2013. The Replacement Levy would: 

  • Continue an enhanced level of police emergency response for residents of the ESPD, even with projected population growth;
  • Maintain a police presence that is approximately double that of the rural area of Washington County; and
  • Provide funds for investigating major crimes occurring within the ESPD, including homicide, assault, burglary and domestic violence.  

Read the full message from your Board of County Commissioners.

Media Contact:

Julie McCloud, Public and Government Affairs Assistant