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Business Oregon is the state agency that is focused on business recovery efforts.  To assist small businesses, the have created a Small Business Navigator to provide a central location for resources and information.  The navigator can help with identifying financial assistance, Personal Protection Equipment manufacturers, and other services that may assist businesses working through COVID-19 impacts.

Bureau Of Labor and Industries

The Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) is providing resources to employers and employees to understand workplace requirements in a COVID-19 environment.  Visit BOLI’s COVID-19 Resources page for information about complying with Oregon workforce protection laws.

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance

The Oregon Employment Department (OED) has opened the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) Program.  This program makes unemployment insurance benefits to those not normally covered by unemployment but who have been impacted by the COVID-19 business closures. 

Oregonians who are eligible for PUA include individuals who do not qualify for or cannot collect benefits on a regular unemployment insurance claim. This includes Oregonians who:

  • Are self-employed and not subject to unemployment insurance tax;
  • Perform work as an independent contractor;
  • Perform work not subject to unemployment insurance tax, such as agricultural workers;
  • Did not earn enough in wages or work enough hours to qualify for regular unemployment benefits;
  • Exhausted regular unemployment benefits and are not eligible for another extension.

For more information and instructions to apply, visit the OED’s CARES Act page.


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