Washington County Fair Complex and National Guard Celebrate Improvements

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sponsored by: County Administrative Office


For the past several days, the Washington County Fair Complex has served as temporary headquarters for the Oregon National Guard (ORNG) 1249 Engineer Battalion (EN BN) during their spring training deployment. During their training exercise, the Guard provided labor and equipment to repair and improve numerous areas around the Fair Complex.

These projects included renovation of Friendship Square, installation of shutters on the Small Animal Barn, re-grading the parking lot and many other improvements. The training exercise was conducted through the Innovative Readiness Training (IRT) Program which allows soldiers to gain valuable field experience while helping local communities to accomplish projects that they would not have been able to finance on their own.

As they complete their work this week, the 1249 EN BN invites the public to attend two events scheduled for Wednesday, May 15. At 4:00 p.m., they will conduct a heavy equipment demonstration that highlights the skills and equipment that they have used for projects both at home and during wartime missions.

As a final gesture of goodwill and to commemorate their service to the citizens of Washington County, at 5:30 p.m., the Battalion will dedicate a "Memorial Castle" at the front gates of the Fair Complex. The Castle is an enduring symbol of the "Corps of Engineers" and construction projects that have been built with pride for over 170 years. Washington County Board Chair Andy Duyck, along with select soldiers of the 1249 EN BN, will set the final capstone of the Memorial Castle in place at that time.

Many members of the 1249 EN BN work in the construction industry by trade. When on active duty, they have deployed to various parts of Iraq and Afghanistan where they helped to rebuild war-torn areas. While in Oregon, they take on projects around the state that benefit the local community but also provide valuable opportunities to hone their building skills as well as train in convoy operations, troop leadership, and project management. For more information about the IRT Program, please contact Captain Duffy Cavanaugh at 503-584-2899 or Donald.f.cavanaugh2.mil@mail.mil.


Media Contact:

Julie McCloud, Public & Govt. Affairs Asst.