Lupoli (AKA Miller) Sex Offender Notification

For Immediate Release: Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lupoli (AKA Miller) Moved to Temporary Housing
UPDATED: 01/23/2014
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 Tyler Lupoli AKA Miller

Sex Offender Notification
per ORS 181.586

Name: Tyler James Lupoli (AKA Tyler Miller)
Height: 6'
Weight: 165 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Date of Birth: 5/21/86

Residence: Washington County Community Corrections Center, 260 SW Adams Avenue, Hillsboro, OR

Vehicle: public transportation

Legal Status/Convictions:
In 2006 Lupoli (Miller) was found guilty and convicted of Sex Abuse in the First Degree. He was sentenced to a period of time in prison; however the conviction was reversed by the Oregon Supreme Court in 2010. Lupoli (Miller) was given a new Court appearance in 2010 and allowed to withdraw his previous not guilty plea and enter a guilty plea to the lesser crime of Attempted Sexual Abuse in the First Degree. Lupoli (Miller) was resentenced and returned to the custody of the Department of Corrections. Lupoli (Miller) was released from prison to community supervision in June 2011. Lupoli (Miller) violated the conditions of his supervision in May 2012, which resulted in his return to prison. Lupoli (Miller) has nearly reached his maximum sentence based upon Oregon statute, and has less than thirty days remaining on his post-prison supervision. Lupoli (Miller) will be off post-prison supervision on February 10, 2014.  

Special Conditions of Probation/Parole/Post-Prison Supervision:  
Lupoli (Miller) is not permitted to have contact with anyone under 18 years of age. He may not go to locations that are for the primary use of minors or where minors congregate, such as schools, playgrounds, recreations centers or playing fields. Lupoli (Miller) may not have contact with his victims of record. He is subject to curfew and GPS while residing at the Washington County Community Corrections Center.  

Prior Convictions:  
No prior adult convictions.  

Target Population: 
Mr. Lupoli's target victim population is minor females between the ages of 3-8 years old. He gained access to his victims at a daycare, which was located in the athletic club where he worked. Mr. Lupoli was seen on video surveillance inappropriately touching his victims.   

Probation Officer Lisa Stanley
Phone 503-846-3420 or after-hours emergency 503-846-4300 (24 hr. number)

Please contact local law enforcement officials at 503-629-0111 or the Child Abuse Hotline at 503-681-6917 if you suspect or have information that any sex crime has been committed.

The Washington County Community Corrections Department announces the change of residence of sex offender Tyler Lupoli (Miller) from the Community Corrections Center to a temporary residence in Forest Grove, Oregon. He remains on post-prison supervision until February 10, 2014 and is subject to curfew and GPS until that date.  

Media Contact:

Michael Mollahan, Supervisor, Sex Crimes Unit