Website Redesign Survey

For Immediate Release: Friday, July 23, 2021

Sponsored by: County Administrative Office

Washington County seeks input for website redesign

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Website Redesign Survey

Washington County is beginning a complete overhaul of its website and needs your help. 

To get the best view into the public’s needs and preferences, the county has launched a five-minute survey about what an improved website might look like in the future. 

What works well? What needs to be changed? How can the county’s site be made more accessible?

Answers to these and other survey questions will guide the site’s full redesign.

"We have embarked on a project to modernize the county website, to ensure transparency and to make county services as easy to find and use as possible,” said Washington County Board of Commissioners Chair Kathryn Harrington. “To make sure we are on the right track, we'd like to hear from our community throughout the process of improving this essential service.” 

Culturally specific input is planned for this summer in partnership with community-based organizations. Goals for the website’s redesign project include:

  • Improving navigation and searchability.
  • Optimizing the user experience for those on mobile devices.
  • Creating greater accessibility for those facing visual and other challenges.
  • Strengthening security against hacks and attacks.

The county intends to replace the current domain name with a more intuitive and secure dot-gov web address. The county also plans to build the new site on the open-source Drupal platform.

The county is planning to reveal the first phase of web pages for the new site by the summer of 2022. Additional phases will be brought online throughout the rest of that year.

Media Contact:

Philip Bransford, Communications Officer