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The census is generated every 10 years as mandated by the U.S. Constitution and has been conducted since 1790 with the goal of producing an accurate count of federal, state and local populations.

Census data is used by:

  • State and local governments and nonprofit organizations, to make more informed decisions about present and future services, to assess community needs (such as schools, health care and highway planning) and to maintain proportionate representation for certain elected offices.
  • Businesses, to determine where to locate offices and stores and to identify markets for goods and services.
  • The federal government, to allocate federal funds and maintain proportional representation in the House of Representatives. Oregon is expected to gain one seat based on the expected 2020 count.

Census data is a key determinant in the distribution of hundreds of billions of dollars in federal revenues for health care, housing, education, public safety, transportation and other programs. In 2016, for example, more than $883 billion in federal programs were based on census numbers. Approximately $13 billion came to Oregon specifically. 

Latest News

What did the Census 2020 reveal about the Washington County community?

Release date: 02/09/2022
Find out about the early results regarding the 2020 Census from an expert panel.

Please participate in Census 2020

Release date: 04/01/2020
County Board of Commissioners Chair Kathryn Harrington reflects on why participation in the 2020 Census now is especially important as our community one day recovers from the impact of the new coronavirus.

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