Population Served

The following populations are served through the Center and/or Custodial Home Supervision:

  • Sentenced: Offenders are sentenced directly to the Center or Custodial Home Supervision or serve out the balance of a sentence that started at the jail. Sentenced offenders occupy approximately 60% of Center beds.
  • Sanctioned: Center beds and Custodial Home Supervision are used for short-term sanctions for probation and post-prison supervision offenders. They offer probation/parole officers a quick response to non-compliance, within a structured setting that provides programs to address problem behaviors. Sanctioned offenders occupy approximately 5% of Center beds.
  • Local Control (SB1145): There is an emphasis on substance abuse and cognitive programming with transitional release planning for:
    •  newly sentenced felony offenders serving sentences of twelve months or less
    •  revoked felony probation violators serving sentences of twelve months or less
    •  parole and post-prison supervision offenders serving a sanction of 31 to 90 days
    •  post-prison supervision offenders revoked up to 180 days

           Local control offenders occupy approximately 26% of Center beds.

  • Transitional Lodgers: The Center offers 12 beds (6% of total beds) at the Community Corrections Center for indigent offenders until alternative housing is located. They must agree to abide by supervision conditions and Center rules to remain in the program. They will work, or actively pursue employment, while seeking other housing. Programs are offered to the Transitional Lodgers to assist with treatment needs or other conditions of their supervision.