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Residential Counselors

Each resident is assigned to a Residential Counselor who develops an individualized plan for services that will promote a constructive stay at the Center and facilitate a successful transition back into the community.  A collaborative case plan is developed that is responsive to the residents’ needs while addressing their conditions of supervision.

Counselors will monitor residents’ activities in the Center and in the community. After an initial assessment period (7-14 days), counselors can approve passes into the community for activities such as: employment, treatment, clean & sober support meetings, faith-based activities, job search, social passes, etc.  The eligibility for various passes is explained to all residents by staff and counselors and is consistent with the WCCCC policies and procedures.

Counselors can also guide residents through obtaining Oregon identification cards and social security cards that will be necessary for gainful employment.

Residents will be expected to look for and obtain employment while at the Center. Residents will attend an Employment Services program which will help with preparing resumes, interview process, and maintaining employment while at the Center. Once employment is gained the employer must call the Center with pertinent information regarding the job and schedule.

Amanda Curtis
Residential Mental Health Counselor

Bill Cashell
Residential Counselor

Danita Gorman
Residential Counselor

Dawn Vailea
Residential Counselor

Ellie Linder
Residential Counselor

Jennifer Ottum
Residential Counselor
John Tallmon
Residential Counselor

Lucy Earvins
Residential Counselor

Meridith Pomeroy
Residential Counselor


Patricia Guass
Residential Counselor